Shitty Teenagers = Shitty Adults

Trump’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that he was going to make at 3 pm yesterday was over shadowed by news that shitty Catholic school kids in MAGA hats at the Save the Fetus Festival in DC taunted an elder who was there to protest genocide at the Indigenous Peoples March. They surrounded a Native American Vietnam veteran as he was drumming and chanted, “Build a wall!” in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln. Their grandparents were probably the shitty white kids who poured sugar and salt over the heads of the black freedom riders who tried to sit at lunch counters in the deep south.

The shitty kids go to Covington Catholic School in Kentucky, the state with the shittiest senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

The dean of discipline, the principal, and the superintendent for Covington Catholic have been bombarded with complaints after the video of the their shitty ass white male students being racist little jerks went viral.

Lost in the story is school buses filled with Catholic young men wearing political attire descending upon a march against women’s reproductive freedom in the nation’s capitol. Male teens were there to essentially protest women and coerce them into reproductive servitude. They were brought there by the teachers, priests and school administrators that guide them. They go every year.

“After what happened at the Indigenous Peoples March, I think we should put a temporary ban on Catholicism, just until we can figure out what the hell is going on.” — Scott Gibbs

“It amuses me that this week’s Right to Life March was all about our vaginas, but will only be remembered for their assholes” — Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian

Given the attention that Brett Kavanaugh got for his Catholic High School “antics,” a former Covington student getting arrested for raping and sodomizing a student last month, a gay student sharing what he’s endured by the same students who taunted the elder, it’s safe to bet that the school and Diocese will conclude that “boys will be boys.”

Trump’s big announcement was an offer for a 3 year extension of protection for Dreamers in exchange for $5.7 billion for his stupid shitty wall. Democrats say NOPE.

Trump cited San Antonio as an example of a city where a border wall has worked. San Antonio is not a border city and there is no wall. It’s located 150 miles north of Mexico. He’s thinking of the Alamo.

Hispanics make up 64% of San Antonio.

The American Legion is doing a food drive for the Coast Guard because of the Trump Shutdown. A food drive to feed the people who keep the border safe.

“I’m a researcher at a university and I have two children. My salary relies on some federal grants. If they don’t come through, I drop below the threshold for medical benefits that my family relies on.” — Lauren Kuehne

Public school districts won’t be able to feed low income students if the shutdown continues another 2 months.

In Virginia, schools have been forcing kids to throw their lunches away and make them wear a “No Money” stamp on their hands if they have too much debt. Democratic lawmaker, Danica Roem, helped do away with the policy of branding poor kids last year and now she’s working on making it illegal to throw food away to disgrace them. She’s carrying HB 2376 to the floor this year.

4 women were convicted for leaving food and water for migrants in the Arizona desert.

Among the human remains that Trump greeted at Dover was a Syrian immigrant and naturalized citizen who was working for the military as a translator. He was killed by ISIS. The family had to meet their son’s body with Trump in their face.

Today is in the 2 year anniversary of the biggest inauguration in the history of the world and Trump’s first really big obvious outrageous lie as president.

We’ve been lied to every day for 2 years. Several times a day.

Trump was a shitty kid who grew into a shitty teenager who grew into a shitty adult who became the shittiest president in the history of the world.

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