Sick and Demented

Spike Dolomite
4 min readApr 25, 2019


Two weeks after he proclaimed that he wasn’t worried about the Mueller Report, Trump went from “It totally exonerates me of any wrong doing” to obsessively attacking it. He’s out of control tweeting — blaming Democrats, Mueller, and the media.

After smugly announcing “game over” after Bill Barr absolved him of any wrong doing before releasing the Mueller Report, the president of the United States tweeted: Statements are made about me by certain people in the Crazy Mueller Report, in itself written by 18 Angry Democrat Trump Haters, which are fabricated & totally untrue. Watch out for people that take so-called “notes,” when the notes never existed until needed. Because I never agreed to testify, it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the “Report” about me, some of which are total bullshit & only given to make the other person look good (or me to look bad). This was an Illegally Started Hoax that never should have happened.

Trump is freaking out. He has gone from “No collusion” to: Anything the Russians did concerning the 2016 Election was done while Obama was President. He was told about it and did nothing! Most importantly, the vote was not affected.

“Raise your hand if the President of the United States has spent more time on Twitter than you have this morning” — Roland Scahill

Trump is claiming now that Don McGahn lied under oath.

“I have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of the country” — Trump

Trump will try and run out the clock by tying everything up in the courts because that’s what he always does.

The Dems may hold everybody who refuses to comply with subpoenas in contempt but that would involve the justice department and since Bill Barr works for Trump he may not enforce them.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Trump is shattering democratic norms, even though he doesn’t understand what they are. He’s just destroying. The obliteration of democratic norms started over 20 years ago with the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about a sexual indiscretion under oath and has been going on ever since. The irony……the Republicans set Clinton up to lie about a blow job under oath to impeach him and now they won’t impeach Trump for lying every single day about everything, putting our national security at risk, diminishing our power on the world stage, meeting our arch enemy, Russia, behind closed doors, defying the constitution, and getting people killed.

Using legitimate privileges for illegitimate reasons is obstruction of justice. Trump is guilty of it and so are the Republicans.

“The authors of the 25th Amendment anticipated a Donald Trump but they failed to anticipate a cabinet too corrupt to remove him” — Jeff Tiedrich

The lawyer who represented Nixon after he resigned thinks that Trump’s retaliation could land him in jail for 10 years.

Jared Kushner said that the Russian interference amounted to a couple of Facebook ads. The speculation over it has been much more damaging to the country.

Deutsche Bank is starting to hand over Trump’s financial records to New York’s attorney general.

There are 14 other investigations going on right now. The Mueller Report is just the beginning.

The tantrum tweeting shithead doesn’t have anything on his calendar today except for making remarks about Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Here Junior, strap this gun to your ankle, puff your chest out like this, make sure everybody knows you’re boss. If people aren’t loyal, fire them. Don’t pay any taxes and hide your money. Money loves you.

Hillary Clinton is more presidential than the president. She wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post calling on all Americans to step up to defend our democracy. “Our election was corrupted, our democracy assaulted, our sovereignty and security violated. This is the definitive conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report. It documents a serious crime against the American people.”

Joe Biden entered the presidential race this morning. Trump welcomed him by calling him “Sleepy Joe,” and insulting his intelligence. Then he trashed the Democrats and their “very sick and demented ideas.”

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