Sinners, Felons and Thieves

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 15, 2023


Days after Trump released his book of letters to make some fast cash, he released a song called “Justice for All.” It’s a recording of him saying the pledge of allegiance as 20 inmates inside the DC jail sing the national anthem. He calls them the January 6 Defendants Choir. Proceeds of the sale of the song are supposedly going to their legal defense fund. He got those muttonheads to attack the Capitol for him and now he’s got them singing for him for his latest grift. If they only knew how stupid they were.

The FBI says hate crimes went up 12% in 2021. MAGAs went nuts all year after they attacked the Capitol for Trump.

Former governor Larry Hogan’s former chief of staff, Roy McGrath, is a fugitive after he was a no-show in court for his $276,000 fraud trial. Now the cops are looking for him. If he gets caught and is convicted of wire fraud, embezzlement, and falsifying documents while working for the state of Maryland, he could go to jail for 50 years.

Big shot Republicans in Ohio have been convicted on bribery and racketeering charges and could go to jail for 20 years. Among them is the former House Speaker Larry Householder and former GOP Party Chair Mathew Borges. They orchestrated a scheme to accept bribes in exchange for ensuring the passage of a billion dollar bailout for a nuclear energy company.

Fox is in even more trouble now. Smartmatic Voting Systems is suing them for defamation for $2.7 billion. They’re suing them for lying over 100 times that they were founded in Venezuela, worked with a foreign government to get Biden elected, and were in cahoots with Dominion, they’re business rival. Grand total for the 2 defamation suits: $4.3 billion.

Online influencer Danny Lemoi is dead now after taking animal grade ivermectin to cure everything. He died from a side effect from taking the anti-parasite drug. His heart was twice the size it should be. His followers are freaking out because he’s been telling them to give the de-wormer to their kids.

Republicans in Oklahoma voted against a bill that would make it illegal for an adult to beat a disabled child. Jim Olsen cited the Bible to back up his vote.

Tennessee’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally got outed for flirting with a young gay man on Instagram. Randy is 79 years old and has been around for 36 years, serving in the state senate. He says he’s going to take a break from social media now.

Imagine what all of these closeted Republicans would be like if they had been raised in a different community with a different family? They might have been able to grow up to live honest, happy lives without having the desire to go out of their way to prove that they’re not gay by running for office so they could hate on gays and write legislation that criminalizes them for existing, putting them in constant danger of assault.

Speaking of Republicans in Tennessee, the GOP has another imposter among their ranks, newly elected Republican congressman, Andy Ogles. Like George Santos and Anna Paulina Luna, he lied about his whole life too. He’s not an economist, he never worked at a think tank, he’s never been in law enforcement, is not an international expert on sex trafficking, and he was never the COO of an international organization. McCarthy needs him so he’s looking the other way. McCarthy is running out of new places to look.

Several months ago, former Republican Tennessee House speaker, Glen Casada, and his former chief of staff, Cade Cothren, were indicted on corruption charges. They created a fake company and a fake persona to receive state funds. They were also charged with bribery and kickbacks concerning programs receiving federal funds, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Now they await their fate.

George Santos posted a photo of a locked refrigerator glass door at a convenience store in his district that had a sign taped to it directing people to call an attendant if they wanted to buy Gatorade. He captioned it with how bad crime is in his district and it’s all because of woke. He posted this a week after news broke that he ran a credit card skimming operation in Seattle, right before authorities discovered that he brokered a $19 million luxury yacht deal between two of his donors while they were investigating his campaign finances and personal business dealings. George Santos filed to run again in 2024.



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