Sit and Spin

The Select Committee wants Republican Scott Perry from Pennsylvania to come sit down with them so they can ask him about the encrypted messages he sent to Mark Meadows about installing Jeffrey Clark as attorney general before the attack on the Capitol. He has refused to do it. If they end up subpoenaing him he will be the first sitting member of Congress to get subpoenaed.

The committee wants to talk to sitting member of Congress Jim Jordan too. They sent him a formal letter and asked him to come in and answer a few questions. They’d like to know how many times he talked to Trump before, during and after the attack. They’d like to know if he told any of the people that stormed the Capitol that they’d be pardoned if they got arrested. They’d also like to know if he was part of the plan to leave Mike Pence sitting on the dock of the bay at the loading dock under the US Capitol while domestic terrorists stormed through the halls chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!” The guy famous for ranting, raving and performing for the cameras during hearings meant to humiliate and derail Democrats is being asked to sit in the hot seat now.

Sitting member of Congress, Republican Tom Rice regrets his vote not to certify the election and admits now that Trump was responsible for the attack. He’s the first of the Trumplicans to go from sitting at the feet of Trump to sitting this one out.

The Select Committee has plenty of evidence that proves that Trump was sitting in his private dining room in the Oval Office watching the attack go down on TV as if he was Napolean sitting on his high horse, watching his men invade Russia. He just sat there on his big fat Napolean Complex ass, feeding his face while watching the show, ignoring his babysitters pounding on the door. They also know that he continued to use his legal team to try and delay the electoral count even after the mob was cleared from the Capitol. Sit tight patriots, the American Mussolini is about to sit through some shit.

“We become strong, I feel, when we have no friends upon whom to lean, or to look to for moral guidance.” — Benito Mussolini

The DOJ is building a pyramid of guilt. Everybody who has pleaded or been found guilty of impeding Congress is at the bottom half. Moving up are the players who helped organize the coup, in order of rank and criminal involvement. At the very top is Trump. While the DOJ finesses their findings and arranges the evidence, they’re shaping the pyramid. The public will get to see the completed pyramid by March.

Michael Flynn has moved out into first place for most creative grift with his latest stunt of filing a restraining order against Nancy Pelosi and suing the Select Committee for subpoenaing his phone records. A judge told him to sit on it. Michael Flynn is sitting on a lot. A LOT. He’s at the top of the pyramid.

While at the America Fest 2021 convention Madison Cawthorn was video taped talking about using more violence against the US government. A sitting member of Congress answered questions about nut jobs getting to use their guns to take back the country. He said, “We’re obviously headed in that direction.” He assured his fans that the Republicans will be victorious in the next Civil War and then bragged about leading the charge, sitting in his wheelchair.

Madison Cawthorn’s wife is leaving him after 8 months. They’re getting divorced. She’s not sticking around for what’s to come. Sit back and relax everybody. The ex is going to start talking.

After Joe Manchin said he doesn’t want to turn our society into an “entitlement society,” his wife was confirmed to her new government job that was handed to her as one of the many perks her husband got after bullshitting the president and his own party about Build Back Better. They threw in a job for his wife (who doesn’t need a job because she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year sitting on her butt doing nothing as dividends roll in on her “investments.”) Manchin laughed in all of their faces. Sit up and take notice everybody. That’s entitlement.

Here I sit broken hearted, tried to bullshit and only farted.

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