Slippery Slope

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMay 23, 2018


Trump has moved full steam ahead into the OJ Simpson defense — he’s being framed by the cops. Everybody is guilty except for him. The jury of public opinion is not made up of Trump’s peers but that’s not what the peers think. He’s one of them! We’re white! We’re white! The slope they’re slipping down is for “whites only” and that’s all that matters. That, and they all believe that they could be billionaires one day too.

Michael Cohen keeps hanging on to the edge of the slip n slide, wondering if he meant he’d take a bullet for Trump after all. His business partner is cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

Trump says he and Kim Jong-un might not meet next month after all and that’s OK, we’ll see what happens, but then again, they could meet, but maybe not. We’ll see what happens. Kim Jong-un has Trump right where he wants him — dangling over the edge of a slippery slope in North Korea.

Trump refers to the Department of Justice as MY Department of Justice. The self declared American King is getting his picture taken doing his thumbs up in front of the slippery slope. Suckers.

The Democrats were not invited to the DOJ briefing on the FBI informant. This slope reeks of politics and is a direct threat to national security and the rule of law. Congressman Adam Schiff, the minority leader on the House Intelligence Committee, says the Republican Chair, Devin Nunes, doesn’t want the Dems in the room. Devin Nunes’ slope leads straight to the front door of prison. Schiff asked the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence “What’s going on?” They said they don’t know anymore than he does. When asked about this, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said why should the Democrats be invited to this meeting when they’ve never expressed any concerns about the FBI spying on the president.

The Republicans are protecting the president, a president who could soon be charged with crimes. Will the country get the satisfaction of watching the entire Republican party tumble down the slippery slope, straight into the open front doors of obscurity? Or will they keep getting away with this and we won’t be America anymore?

American banks are high fiving each other, smoking cigars and drinking tax payer purchased champagne while standing on an observation deck overlooking the slippery slope where the entire country is slipping and sliding and flopping, trying to keep from sliding down any further. They had their best quarter ever just as congress rolled back the Dodd-Frank regulations that were already not enough to hold the banks accountable after stealing us all blind a decade ago. Nobody ever went to jail for robbing us of our savings, retirement, and homes and they never will.

Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, doesn’t enjoy saying this, because he’s a loyal American, but he believes that the Russians swung the election for Trump. He just wrote a book about it. He says the entire country is headed down a slippery slope and he still can’t believe it.

The earth has had it with Trump. It couldn’t suck Trump underground at Mar-A-Lago so it’s trying again at the White House. Both properties developed mysterious sink holes, creating slopes within slopes.

The highly profitable US company, Harley Davidson, used its corporate tax breaks to buy back 15 million shares, and now it’s putting its workers in Kansas City out on the street so it can move its plant to Thailand where it can exploit cheap labor. The Trump branded tax plan was always a slippery slope but it passed. Because Republicans.

How many Bikers for Trump are going to take their choppers to the streets in protest? None. That’s not what duped loyalists do. Trumpsters really believe they can ride their hogs straight up that slippery slope where their billion dollar blue collar hero will be waiting for them, ready to sign autographs on their MAGA helmets.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: The buzzards are circling the drain. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise want Paul Ryan’s job and they don’t want to wait until he’s dead. Ryan is like, guys, come on now. Think about the party.

Every day, Trump spouts insane conspiracy theories, undermines our federal law enforcement, and ignores the ongoing cyber war waged by Russia. He just keeps getting away with it. Is he unstoppable?

What’s waiting for us at the bottom of the slippery slope? Are we going to fall flat on our face or into a bottomless pit? Or will Lady Liberty be there to stop our fall?



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