Somebody’s Hero

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5 min readNov 21, 2022


72 hours after Trump announced he was running for president again, Merrick Garland announced that he hired a new special counsel to oversee the cases for the insurrection and stealing of classified documents. He had no choice. He can’t continue to head up the investigations anymore because his boss will be running against the guy who wants his boss’s job. The new administration is investigating the old administration so he can’t do it. Plus Biden has complained that Garland is taking too long. Even though there is nothing wrong with saying that, it can be politicized so better safe than sorry. And if there is one thing that can be certain of Trump, he’ll make everybody sorry if he can.

The new special counsel, Jack Smith, is flying in from the Hague where he has been prosecuting war criminals. Those who have worked with him in the past say he’s the perfect choice — a super hero. He’s aggressive, swift, relentless, and fearless, a “prosecutor’s prosecutor.” Trump won’t intimidate him and he won’t be thinking about his own career when making decisions. He wouldn’t have said yes to this if he didn’t feel confident about taking it on. This will be the most consequential case for a special counsel in history — investigating a former president for inciting a coup and espionage. Jack Smith has been charged with whether or not to charge a former president for betraying his country.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

“If you can’t bring Trump to The Hague, at least you can bring a part of The Hague to Trump.” — Some guy on Twitter

Three new grand juries have just been seated in DC. There are already 2 grand juries who have been very busy. Jack Smith isn’t starting from scratch. Most of the work has already been done.

Elon Musk let Trump back on Twitter, the guy who used Twitter to organize a domestic terrorist attack against the US Capitol in an effort to overthrow American democracy. This is great news for Jack Smith.

Elon Musk also reinstated Kanye West’s account. He had been kicked off for anti-Semitic tweets. The first thing he did was tweet “Shalom” and Musk liked it.

Two Christian nationalist domestic terrorists, Christopher Brown, 21, and Matthew Maherer, 22, were arrested for threatening to attack synagogues in New York. They had a gun, a high-capacity magazine, ammunition, an 8“ long military style knife, a swastika arm patch, a ski mask and a bulletproof vest when they got picked up. Brown runs a white supremacist group on Twitter and Maherer is one of his followers. He tweeted his terrorist plans.

A whistle blower, Reverend Bob Schenck, a former anti-abortion leader, has come forward to say that Justice Alito had leaked the ruling of Hobby Lobby 8 years ago, giving him weeks to develop a PR push for the Christian nationalist business owners who brought their case to the Supreme Court. They had denied their employees birth control under their company healh plan based upon their religious beliefs. Justice Aleako had been lobbied by Hobby Lobby and wrote the majority opinion that sided with them. Reverend Schenck confessed to tipping off owners of Hobby Lobby and admitted that he had worked for years to exploit the court’s permeability using “faith” and special favors. He “traded” with Supreme Court gatekeepers and wealthy donors and arranged for rich Christian nationalists to meet socially with justices. He got friendly with court officials to gain access to justices. He called it the Ministry of Emboldenment.

The Supreme Court is corrupt and has been taken over by Christian nationalists.

“John Roberts’ tenure as Chief Justice will likely be remembered by historians as one of the worst. An era when the court lost popular legitimacy through a combination of intellectual dishonesty (originalism) corruption (Alito, Thomas), Christian nationalism masquerading as law.” — Joshua Zeitz

Republican operative Jesse Benton has been found guilty on six counts for facilitating an illegal campaign contribution from a Russian national to the 2016 Trump campaign. Trump pardoned him in 2020 for a different campaign finance crime.

Christian nationalist governor, Governor Kevin Stitt, is making excuses for his 20 year old son after the public found out the cops discovered him drunk and armed, in the parking lot outside of a haunted house last month, a few days before his dad’s re-election. He had 2 pistols and 2 rifles. One of the guns he had on him belonged to his dad. He wasn’t arrested. The cops let him call his dad to come get him.

Speaking of right-wing extremist Republican politicians covering for their 20 year old relatives, MAGA Republican California State Assemblyman Randy Voepel who supported the insurrection, made sure his grandson could own guns even after he threatened to bomb his mom last year and the cops had to evacuate the neighborhood. His records were sealed so he could get his hands on any weapon he wanted. He took an AR-15 into a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs over the weekend and shot and killed 5 people and injured 25 others before being tackled by 2 unarmed patrons in the bar. They are true heroes.

Homophobic, gun nut Congresswoman from Colorado, Lauren Boebert who just won re-election by less than 600 votes, tweeted out thoughts and prayers which was odd because she usually tweets out rants about the LGBTQ community, Republican Jesus, and demon liberals.

“The terror attack last night against LGBTQ+ Coloradans didn’t come from nowhere. This is what happens when political figures demonize LGBTQ+ people, call them groomers & pedophiles, paint them as a dangerous & subversive element in society, and treat them like 2nd-class citizens.” — Omari Hardy

Three days ago, the Second Amendment Caucus, co-chaired by Lauren Boebert and Thomas Massie (the MAGA Republican who sent out a Christmas card last year of he and his whole family holding weapons used for war in front of their family Christmas tree), invited Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted for hunting down protesters and killing two of them two years ago, to a committee meeting. Rittenhouse is their hero.



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