Start Indicting These Guys Already

Spike Dolomite
5 min readJan 17, 2023

Republican MAGA and failed candidate for state office in New Mexico, Solomon Peña, was arrested after a SWAT team busted into his house. He was taken into custody because he and people he hired shot at 4 Democrats’ homes and offices (several shots went through the wall of a 10 year old girl’s bedroom while she slept. The sawdust from the shattered wall got all over her bed). He targeted state legislators and county commissioners because he was pissed off that he lost his election. He claimed it was rigged, just like Trump. He had already served 7 years in jail after being convicted of 19 felonies. The GOP in New Mexico knew about his past before putting him up for election. Like Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans in the House, the GOP in New Mexico supports criminals in government.

A white man with a gun showed up at Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s house in Seattle and told her to go “back to India.” Then he threated to kill her. The cops came and he was taken to jail but they let him go because they didn’t provide prosecutors with evidence on time. Seattle holds the record for the city with the most law enforcement that showed up to overtake the government on January 6.

Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri went out to her car and discovered bullet holes. Fox News reported it by saying, “Of course, we would never wish any harm whatsoever on any American, let alone a politician we disagreed with. BUT…” Cori Bush is Black, female, and progressive.

In St. Louis (Cori Bush’s hometown and district), a 19 year old went to his old high school and was able to get past metal detectors, on a locked campus with 7 guards, with a student body that has been trained what to do if an active shooter comes for them, armed with an AR-15 and 600 rounds of ammo in 30-round magazines. He shot and killed one teacher and one student. It took the cops 14 minutes to get inside the school. They shot and killed him. The gun jammed or else he would have killed more people. He had 400 rounds left. Missouri has no age limit to buy and carry this type of weaponry. There’s no background check or permit required to carry these guns loaded, in public.

A cop in Indiana went into a high school to make a presentation on how to take down an active shooter. When he went to show off his gun, he accidentally shot a student.

In Arkansas, a middle school principal and district superintendent were forced to take a leave of absence after they stupidly showed a school shooting training video to teachers during a staff meeting at Prairie Grove Middle School. The video was futuristic and featured actual photos of teachers and their own children that were taken from their Facebook pages. They created a mock “in memorandum” foretelling a school shooting on December 14, the anniversary of Sandy Hook. The teachers were so shocked and disgusted they cried and walked out. The administrators apologized for springing it on them (they didn’t apologize for making the video), but they were trying to make a point. They wanted to “get their attention.”

The director of external affairs for Florida’s State Board of Administration, John Kuczwanski, got pissed at somebody driving a Prius in Tallahassee, Florida and rammed his BMW into the other guy while they were driving. They pulled over in a parking lot and got into a fight. Kuczwanski pulled a gun on the guy and was shot dead by the other guy who also had a gun. No charges were filed against the shooter because it happened in Flori-duh. John Kuczwanski had been arrested for another traffic confrontation at the very same intersection 8 years prior. He pointed a gun with a laser site at another driver while they were both stopped at the intersection then took off.

Former Congressboy Madison Cawthorn posted a video of himself eating the heart of an animal he had just blown away with his gun.

Republicans in Congress are egging violence on and protecting the assaulters. Inspired by their leaders in Congress and their former leader in the White House, MAGAs continue to behave in violent ways, particularly towards members in their communities who they think might be Democrats. A MAGA in Florida is facing life in prison after he fired his shotgun at a guy riding a jet ski because he said he had a Biden flag. An Ohio MAGA was charged for gunning down his 43 year old neighbor while he was mowing his lawn because he thought he was a Democrat.

A MAGA in Michigan went nuts and shot his wife and daughter. His family says he went over the deep end believing in conspiracy theories about Trump and the election. They said, “Right-wing extremism isn’t funny. People need to watch their relatives and if they have guns, hide them.”

Neighbors in Indiana called the cops when they spotted a toddler in diapers wandering around an apartment complex with a loaded handgun. Security cameras picked him up walking around alone. When the cops came and found the dad, the dad lied and said he didn’t own a gun. They arrested him. Another dad shot a video that went viral of he and his 5 or 6 year old son target practicing in their living room. Dad called out the commands and the kid fired. The kid was a good shot which makes dad proud. And like all kids, he just wants to make his dad proud.

It’s 17 days into a new year and already at least 1,700 people have died from gun violence, including 77 children. Kids who accidentally shoot themselves found the gun in their own homes or parents’ vehicles.

The American media has mass shooting correspondents. They’re war correspondents.

Until Republicans are voted out of office and Democrats can pass gun laws, nothing will change and everything will get worse.

Domestic terrorism is our number one security threat and very little is being done about it. Gun nut Marjorie Taylor Greene was just given a seat on the Homeland Security Committee. She’s a gun nut who raffled off an AR-15 during her campaign. She helped plan the insurrection. She’s a domestic terrorist and now she’s on the committee that oversees domestic terrorist crimes. Until Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and the rest of the Republicans who actively took part in the insurrection are prosecuted and jailed, political violence will escalate and the gun nut MAGAs will continue to try and make Trump proud.

Let’s start seeing some indictments. The insurrectionists are inside the government, inside the Capitol, and their followers are getting more dangerous by the day. Enough.



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