State of Mind

After keeping everybody waiting for 15 minutes, Trump made a grand entrance into the East Room of the White House to the tune of “Hail to the Chief.” The crowd went crazy! He stood there proudly before his carefully casted groupies, basking in the glory. Then he launched into an hour long stream of semi-consciousness rant where he pitied himself, lashed out at his enemies, and praised his admirers. “The witch hunt started the day we came down the elevator…..evil….corrupt….leakers….liars….dirty cops for 3 years……other presidents couldn’t take it. If it had happened to Obama many people would be in jail already……we’ve done more than any other administration…… Russia was all bullshit……..look what I’ve done for the stock market…….me……I did that……everybody liked the state of the union speech. Somebody who is very sophisticated who travels the world said he’d never seen anything like it…….my family and I have been treated unbelievably unfairly…… bad people…..Hillary Clinton….. Comey…….Mueller…..fake dossier……transcripts…….I did nothing wrong. My campaign… election…..the greatest win of all time…….. Corrupt Adam Schiff is a failed screenwriter and he made it all up…..they all said horrendous things about me before they were supposed to vote….sleazebag……..dirty people…… scum…..bullshit. My poll numbers are the highest ever. Democrats want open borders, sanctuary cities, raising taxes and getting rid of everybody’s health care. They’re vicious and mean. Nancy and Adam are horrible people. They’re vicious as hell.

And then came the moment he had been waiting for. His groupies stood and took turns saying nice things about him.

It was a MAGA rally on tranquilizers. Trump was pretty subdued. Filthy and uncouth, but subdued. Since there weren’t any toothless MAGAs to egg on at this MAGA rally, he singled members of Congress out by name, complimenting each one, ensuring their allegiance to him in the made for reality TV moment as if they were members of his legal team or staff. “Mitch McConnell……you did a fantastic job. He gave us 191 judges and 2 on the supreme court! Mike Lee…..tell Utah I’m sorry about Mitt Romney…… Steve Scalise got shot. I think you’re better looking now. You weren’t that good looking.” Then he pretended to shoot a gun and said Scalise had been shot by “a bullet that rips you apart,” then threw in a joke about how most wives wouldn’t care if their husbands got shot but not Steve Scalise’s wife. Jim Jordan doesn’t wear a jacket because he likes to show his body off. When he singled out Devin Nunes the crowd stood and clapped.

If anybody but Republicans had been in the room they would have been horrified. They clapped and laughed and patted each other on the back.

Trump bragged about getting away with it one more time, “Now we have that gorgeous word. I never thought a word would sound so good. It’s called ‘total acquittal.”

Trump promised revenge against the FBI, the Speaker of the House, and sitting senators.

Bill Barr was sitting right in front, in the middle next to Melania. He sent out a memo that said there will be no investigations into Trump or Mike Pence before the election without his approval so if Trump wants to bribe another country to set another candidate up for scandal, he can.

Given Trump’s treatment of the whistleblower, the next time he abuses his power we may never know about it because people will be too scared to speak up. That’s where we are now. We’re not in America anymore.

Trump wants Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman fired from the National Security Council. The president is a dictator and is exacting revenge on anyone who has criticized him. That’s where we are now.

The US Treasury Department has complied with Republican Senators’ requests to receive financial records on Hunter Biden so they can smear Joe Biden like they did Hillary with her emails. It doesn’t matter if there is no there there. The relentless, ongoing accusations will be enough to take him down, just like Hillary. We can’t look into Trump’s financial records because he’s a private citizen but the government can look into a private citizen’s financial records because that’s where we are now. The government can do anything it wants because there are no more checks and balances.

Before Trump’s Mussolini moment in the East Room, he went to the National Prayer Breakfast and held up a paper with the headline, “ACQUITTED” like he was Rocky Balboa on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, “Feeling strong now, getting strong now, won’t be long now…….” He called Democrats corrupt people. “When they impeach you for nothing, then you’re supposed to like them? It’s not easy folks. I do my best.” He rambled on about Democrats being “vicious, horrible people….vicious as hell” and insulted Mitt Romney’s faith and doubted that Nancy Pelosi prays at all. At the National Prayer Breakfast. That’s where American Christianity is now.

When asked about tearing up Trump’s speech after the state of the union address, Nancy said she had to get the American people’s attention by tearing up a manifesto of untruths. “That was not a State of the Union, that was his state of mind……He shredded the truth in his speech, he’s shredding the Constitution in his conduct, I shredded his state of his mind address.”

And still, the media is treating him like any other president and won’t cover his state of mind. That’s where we are now.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.