Stop the Electric Collage

Spike Dolomite
3 min readDec 15, 2020

Bill Barr resigned at the same time that Trump fired him to take the media’s attention off of Joe Biden’s certified win. Yes, Joe Biden won again. This time for the last time but Trump keeps saying he didn’t which means his cult followers will remain in the streets with their idiot signs like, “Stop the Electric Collage.”

“Trump’s firing of Barr is just the latest reminder of what Winston Churchill said about the futility of appeasement: it’s like feeding a crocodile hoping it eats you last.” — John Avlon

Meanwhile, the US Attorney in New Jersey, Craig Carpenito, has also resigned. He’s the guy that Bill Barr wanted to replace federal prosecutor Geoff Berman of the Southern District of New York after Trump fired him for investigating Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Colludy. He had already investigated and prosecuted Trump’s first lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Republicans are freaking out that Joe Biden might pick Sally Yates for Attorney General. She knows too much. About THEM.

The first doses of the Trump Plague vaccine have been administered.

We have surpassed 300,000 dead from the coronavirus. 232,000 infections were reported in one day — the highest ever.

The Republicans in the Minnesota legislature who have been flouting social distancing guidelines and masks who insisted that teachers risk their lives by going back to work in the classroom now want to jump the line and get the vaccine before everybody else does because that’s how they roll, ME FIRST and fuck everybody else.

Jerry Falwell Jr. took $2.2 million of Liberty University’s money and gave it to pro-Trump scams including right wing lobbyists, political ads, and paying Trumpists to serve on a Liberty University “think tank.” What would Republican Jesus do? Seek justice and press charges or make excuses for him and praise him?

South Dakota’s Governor, Kristi Noem, was hob mobbing with the Trump crime family at another maskless Christmas party at the White House at taxpayer expense while the folks back home were gasping for air and dying all alone.

Republican congressman from Michigan, Paul Mitchell, has quit the GOP. Don’t go patting the guy on the back for taking the high road. He’s retiring so he’s taking the nigh road.

Roger Stone says he wants to run for Senate in Florida against Marco Rubio or Rick Scott. He’ll be sure to give them a run for their dark, dark money.

The electoral college has certified the election and it’s over and Putin has conceded. Trump’s next strategy is dominating the news cycle for the next 2 years to keep Republicans freaked out that he’ll run again in 2024.

Trump is going to go into high gear to be as outrageous as possible to keep the media attention on him after January 20. The media better not take the bait. America can’t endure a Trump shadow president. The media must smoke him out by IGNORING HIM.

“Trump has taught his opponents not to believe a word he says, his followers not to believe a word anyone else says, and much of the rest of the country to believe nobody and nothing at all.” — Bret Stephens

Twitter says it might ban Trump after inauguration. WHY WAIT? Stop the electric collage! Smoke him out, NOW!

36 days until #PresidentBiden.

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