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Spike Dolomite
5 min readFeb 14, 2022


Canada has found itself in an embarrassing situation for the past couple of weeks by getting world wide attention for a couple hundred of wacko right wing truckers who parked their big rigs at 4 points of entry at the US border to keep traffic from going in and out of the country to “protest” government mandates on vaccines and masks. They did it in solidarity of the MAGA freaks in the US which makes them double traitors. Traitors to their own country and traitors to their favorite country, the Confederate States of America. They don’t represent but a handful of Trump loving, confederate flag flying nuts. This stupid stunt interrupted supply chains, closed auto plants, cost $300 million a day, and pissed off the most polite people in the west. These truckers don’t represent truckers or Canadians. The majority of truckers, most unions, plus citizens and politicians have condemned them. Vaccines and masks aren’t even an issue in Canada. 90% of truckers are vaccinated. 80% of all Canadians are vaccinated. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the attention seeking shitheads,“ If you’re participating in this blockade you’re hurting your neighbors. It’s time to go home.” Neighbors. Unlike people in the US, Canadians really care about their neighbors. That’s why they’re 80% vaccinated and so embarrassed by this motley crew of deranged vigilantes walking straight off the Be Polite Plank.

Tucker Carlson, Fox and the Republicans were rooting for the truckers because the longer shipments were delayed the better it would be for inflation and their “fiscal conservative” brand. They could blame Biden going into the midterms. Fox made the truckers out to be heroes and dedicated hours of coverage to them. Tucker Carlson called it a human rights protest. That’s straight up bullshit RIGHT there.

Mike Lindell took the opportunity to say he’d ship pillows to the truckers in Canada, blaming Trudeau for Canadian retailers canceling him last year. “I got a little problem with Trudeau let me tell you. This started with me way back.” How would his pillows get to the truckers if they’re keeping his pillows from being shipped to them?

Auto makers were hit the hardest. Windsor is linked to Detroit. Car makers had to shut down because of this stupid stunt and Republicans and Fox cheered.

This blockade at the border was not a popular cause and only a handful of people were involved but the damage is done. The far right fringe rogue operatives disrupted Canadian democracy just like they are in America. Only 17% of Canadians support them. Canada took a hands off approach to these idiots at first, hoping they’d make their point and drive on. When they didn’t, Canada showed itself and the rest of the world where its own weaknesses are, raising questions about its preparedness to deal with an occupation calling itself a protest. Canada is being tested the way America has been. How do they protect themselves from a small group of losers taking down the guardrails of free trade and democracy? Learn from America’s mistakes, Canada. Don’t blow off these idiots as laughable weirdos who will go away if you ignore them. Take the threat seriously or their numbers and influence will grow. Like George Carlin said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

A Canadian judge has issued an injunction blocking money for the “protesters” collected by a right wing US Christian fundraising site.

Rand Paul called on American truckers to block the Super Bowl: “I’m all for it. Civil disobedience is a time honored tradition in our country from slavery to civil rights to you name it. Peaceful protest, clog things up, make people think about the mandates.”

Thankfully, no American MAGA truckers ruined the Super Bowl with a similar stunt. The Super Bowl took place in the brand new Los Angeles stadium, SoFi, straight outta Compton. The half time show featured the greatest Black rappers and Hip-Hop performers of all time, except for Eminem and he took a knee.

Brian Flores, one of the only Black head coaches in the NFL, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the NFL after getting fired by the Miami Dolphins, essentially ending his own career for the sake of future Black coaches because the game is rigged. 1 out of the 32 coaches in the NFL is Black. 31 of the owners are white. 79% of the players are Black but nearly all of the owners and coaches are white. Straight up plantation system even though the workers get paid.

Jim Lamon, one of the fake electors who committed election fraud by trying to steal the election for Trump in Arizona, is running against Democrat Mark Kelly for US Senate in Arizona. He ran a TV ad during the Super Bowl of him in a showdown with Biden and Pelosi where he shoots them. Mark Kelly’s wife, Gabby Giffords, a former Democratic congresswoman from Arizona was shot in the head during a mass shooting at a grocery store where she was meeting with constituents. After receiving a lot of push back for doing such a despicable thing, he doubled down by saying that left wing snowflakes are just bent out of shape that they’d finally have someone who’d “shoot straight with them.” More like shoot straight in to your next door neighbor’s house while you’re watching Fox News and cleaning your gun.

Republicans don’t make good neighbors. Not even to each other.

Take your wackos seriously, Canada. Don’t let the south win. Lock your doors. They aren’t nice neighbors.

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