Stream of Guilty Conscienceness

Spike Dolomite
6 min readMay 10, 2019

Trump had an impromptu, stream of conscienceness MAGA rally at his house. It was an accidental intermediate MAGA rally (no “Lock her up” chants or jokes about killing immigrants — that’s for beginners.) He was supposed to make a little speech about North Korea, live from the White House, and sound all presidential and serious and capable of hitting the right tone and talking points. He pulled it off, for him, for about 3 minutes, until someone asked him about the Mueller Report. And then……..away we go!……… $40 million with 17 angry Democrats who hated Donald Trump. Nobody has ever been as transparent as me. I said let him testify — 30 hours. Who? Don McGahn. I gave them 1.5 million documents. Anybody you want… can talk to. No collusion and essentially no obstruction. The crime was committed on the other side. Two years. They come with a report. Bob Mueller is no friend of mine. He’s in love with James Comey. Supposedly best friends. Look at the picture file. Thousands of pictures of them together and other things. He wanted the FBI job. The day after he didn’t get it he became special counsel. Listen to this. Your job has a relationship with Jim Comey. Your judge wanted to be the FBI director. Those are tremendous conflicts. And then he puts on his staff almost all Democrats, many of them contributed to Hillary Clinton. These were angry democrats. They went to a party that turned out to be a funeral on election evening and this man went wild. One of the people worked at the Clinton Foundation. With all of this they came back with no collusion. To me it looks like a redo — the report comes back and it’s perfect. No collusion. No talk about Russia (volume I is all about Russia, he hasn’t read it — there aren’t any pictures so why bother.) There is no more talk about Russia. I haven’t heard the word Russia. They don’t use the word Russia anymore. It was a hoax. Witch hunt. It comes back and I’m totally exonerated. I had an event last night, many of you were there, there were thousands and thousands of people last night, they were standing outside. You want to know what they said? They want to know how this whole thing started. I temper John Bolton. Ultimately I make the decision. I was very surprised. Richard Burr said we found no collusion. I was very surprised to see my son, my son is a very good person. The last thing he needs is Washington DC. He’d rather not have ever been involved but I’m his father. He has testified for 20 hours. The Mueller report came out and it said he did nothing wrong. The only thing is oppo research. If he did wrong then everybody standing with me…….I would say 99% of folks. They didn’t discuss this woman on the Today Show. The halls of Congress know her well. She left GPS Fusion. She met with my son. It was nothing. She went back to GPS Fusion. Then I heard Don made 3 phone calls in a year. They all knew the phone calls had to be to his father because they were unmarked. They were able to go back and find out who made the calls. These tremendous phone calls. Turned out not to be the phone calls. My son is a good person. My son was totally exonerated by Mueller who frankly does not like Donald Trump, me. After being exonerated to get a subpoena? Ya, I’m pretty surprised. (Someone asks about Iran.) They were threatening. We have information you don’t want to know about. They were very threatening. We have to have great security for this country and a lot of other places. One of the most powerful ships in the world loaded up. I’d like to see Iran call me. John Kerry speaks to them a lot. He tells them not to call. That’s a violation of the Logan Act. He should be prosecuted. Only Democrats do that kind of stuff. If it were the opposite way they’d prosecute him under the Logan Act. Lots of calls and meetings. He’s telling them what to do. That’s a total violation of the Logan Act. Their economy is a mess ever since I took away the Iran deal. They have the inflation the highest I’ve ever heard. Riots every weekend. They could call me and make a deal. But they’re listening to John Kerry who is violating what he’s supposed to do. He’s violating the Logan Act. They could have tremendous potential like North Korea. China blah blah blah China blah blah blah. I blame past leadership for allowing this to happen. NAFTA was one of the worst trade deals ever made. China has been taking advantage of us. China…..blah blah blah…..negotiating….blah blah blah…..negotiating……China. We’re going to be taking in more money than ever before. All these countries taking advantage of us. I got NATO to put up an extra $100 billion. The contributions were going down a steep mountain and then I came and it went up like a rocket. We protect NATO and European countries. We’re the most powerful nation especially since we’ve redone our military. Our military was totally depleted when I came to office. Russia is at $68 billion because they don’t go around defending other countries. We defend the richest countries in the world and they don’t pay us for what we do and then they laugh at us. We’re taking care of you but you’re not taking care of us. Now you’re starting to pay. Germany pays to Russia billions of dollars a month for the pipeline but we’re supposed to protect them from the so called enemy Russia but I don’t want to call them enemy I want to get along with Russia because I’m smart. Stupid people don’t want to get along. This witch hunt hurt us with relationships with a lot of countries. By the way this should never happen again to another president. Now guys like Jerry Nadler, who I fought for many years, successfully I might add, back in New York in Manhattan, he was a Manhattan congressman, I beat him all the time and I come to Washington and I have to beat him again over nothing. Over a hoax. Nadler is a smart guy. Schiff is a smart guy. When Schiff goes to the microphone he’s conning this whole country and he goes back into a room with his friends and he laughs because that’s the way life is. We’ve got billions of dollars coming in now that we wouldn’t have had with a regular president. We gave Puerto Rico $91 billion for the hurricane. Texas got 30. Florida got 12. The people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump. The Democrats are sacrificing other states. The Democrats are very divisive.

Senator Bill Cassidy, the doctor who wants to take healthcare away, stood behind him and grinned like a goon the whole time, ready for his close up, while Senator Richard Blumenthal was being interviewed at the Capitol, saying that Junior should go to prison if he doesn’t cooperate with the Senate subpoena.

10 million signatures were being delivered to Congress, demanding Trump’s impeachment.

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