South Dakota gets first place for being the stupidest state. They had the largest 2 week surge in covid due to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a 230%+ increase.

Right wing radio host in Tennessee, Phil Valentine, has joined the growing number of dead celebrities who have succumbed to covid after using their platforms to dupe their stupid fans into believing that covid is a conspiracy meant to _________(fill in something stupid here.) His idiot audience thinks the government targeted him along with all of the other dead, right wing, anti-vax, big mouth egomaniacs who used covid to freak people out and kill each other.

Lydia and Lawrence Rodriguez of La Marque Texas didn’t believe in vaccines and now they’re dead. Their 4 kids are orphans because they had stupid parents.

Over 200 people a day are dying from covid in Texas.

Florida is beating Texas for the number of people who are dying from covid every day. Governor Ron Death Sentence is still acting like it’s no big deal. In a recent press conference he said (with a straight face,) “We live in a world in which there’s a lot of misinformation put out there. A lot of it is intentional on the part of people that have partisan agendas.”

The city of Orlando has asked people to flush, shower and drink water sparingly because the water is needed for liquid oxygen to treat unvaccinated covid patients in over crowded hospitals. If residents are as selfish as the covid patients and refuse to conserve, people could die.

Alabama is beating Florida with the number of covid patients. They have negative 29 beds in ICUs. There aren’t any ambulances available in Mobile so if somebody has a heart attack they’re out of luck. Trump had a super spreader event in Alabama over the weekend. When he told the crowd that he was vaccinated and suggested they go ahead and do it too, they booed him because they’re stupid. That’s why they love Trump.

People are dying in their cars in parking lots waiting to be admitted. Those who luck out and don’t die will have to depend on the very science they mocked to save their lives.

The FDA will approve the vaccine today. The unvaccinated who have been saying that they won’t take the vaccine because the FDA hasn’t approved it will have to find another excuse for being a stupid jerk.

Paul Krugman called the anti-vaxxers out in an op-ed he wrote in the New York Times where he said those of us who are vaccinated don’t need to understand the anti-vaxxer’s motivation for not being vaccinated. Stop trying to figure them out and focus on understanding the depth of harm that they’re doing. They’re not just screaming about their right to be selfish and dangerous, they want to force the rest of us to be selfish and dangerous too by keeping us from complying with standards and best practices that slow the spread of covid and keep everybody safer. They’re forcing their stubborn recklessness on entire communities. “In a very real sense, the irresponsible minority is depriving the rest of us of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Freedom of choice doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want whenever you want like a spoiled brat child. It doesn’t mean freedom of consequence, either. MAGAs have a very childish understanding of what freedom means. They think it means that they can get away with bad behavior and never be punished. Their grandiose beliefs, extreme over confidence, and their inability to grasp oversimplified ideas make them very, very dangerous.

American selfishness and negligence has jumped the border from being a threat to an organized society to being an actual threat to life. Stupidity kills.

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