Sympathy for the Devil?

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJan 23, 2019

Trump says he’s still going to do his State of the Union speech one way or the other. He’ll either crash the Capitol or have it somewhere else. He hasn’t had a MAGA rally in months and he is jonesing really bad. The devil must be fed. Trump needs ATTENTION.

The Trump Shutdown continues. Chuck Schumer got Mitch McConnell, Satan Majority Leader, to agree to 2 votes tomorrow —1 for Trump’s ridiculous proposal and if that doesn’t pass, then another bill that will re-open the government for 3 weeks.

Functional governments don’t have to call a vote to re-open the government.

Republicans are trying to make Democrats out to be the Devil. They are doing their best to blame the shutdown on them for not cooperating and playing politics.

People who have no idea how government works blame both sides.

There’s no “both sides” to the Trump Shutdown. This is Trump’s shutdown. And McConnell’s shutdown. They own it.

Even if the second bill passes, it doesn’t help the government workers who have missed another paycheck as of yesterday.

The government workers are working without pay. That’s slavery.

It’s so bad that people have attempted suicide.

Gold digger Lara Trump, the one who married Bleeding Gums Eric, and has a perfectly sculpted body, hair, manicure, and clothes (“I not only have the money to pay for all of this, I have the time!) told workers who were forced to get food at food pantries that they’re just going through “a little bit of pain,” but hang in there! The wall is “bigger than them.” Let them eat Devils Food cake!

The FBI is short on resources because of the Trump Shutdown. It has had to postpone indictments and investigations. The federal judiciary and US Attorneys’ offices are running out of money. Sounds like the Devil’s plan……

Trump’s deal includes giving DACA kids 3 more years of not deporting them even though he took their safety net away to begin with. Trump is a demon.

The United States (Democrats) do not negotiate with terrorists (Trump and the Republicans.)

Trump told Sarah Huckabee Sanders not to bother with press briefings anymore so Sarah announced on camera that the White House will no longer make celebrities out of journalists. Sarah thinks she’s way ahead of the Devil.

The media is making the shitty teenager from Covington Catholic High School out to be a martyr, unfairly accused. What it should be reporting on, in light of who is in the White House, the Me Too and Women’s movements, Black Lives Matter, and the Blue Wave, is the toxic culture of the school and the adults who raised and educated such a shitty teenager in a bubble of toxic masculinity and racism. This kid is a product of a culture that values, above all else, white males, especially Catholic ones. They can do no wrong. There were 500 WHITE TEEN AGED BOYS FROM COVINGTON CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL at the anti-abortion march — protesting a woman’s right to decide how many children she will have, even if she’s raped by one of the shitty teenagers from Covington Catholic and gets pregnant. Their parents and teachers brought them there. The white male culture that they are at the top of make the rules. It has the power to define what is “normal,” who gets what, and how much. It writes history and comes out as the super heroes at the end of each story (don’t call it genocide — it was “How the West was Won” and don’t call hunting people down like animals, forcing them into slavery, beating and raping them, and selling their children a crime against humanity — call it “Gone with the Wind.”) It dominates over women, children and people of color, and silences their voices when they don’t like what they hear. It’s violent. It’s cruel and obnoxious. It’s that shitty teenager in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln exerting power and ridicule over an old man and his drum right after his school protested a woman’s right to choose and then yelled out, “It’s not rape if you enjoy it!” That shitty teenager is the next supreme court justice or president.

That’s the story. No sympathy for the shitty white teenaged boys.

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