Take Care

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJun 5, 2024


While the nation’s attention was focused on Trump being found guilty in his first criminal trial, people missed the news that there could be a federal investigation into the fake electors in Michigan.

The Attorney General in Wisconsin filed felony forgery charges against ex-Trump attorneys Kenneth Chesebro and Jim Troupis and ex-Trump aide Mike Roman for their roles in the Wisconsin 2020 fake electors scheme. They will be arraigned on September 1 on one count of forgery.

The Attorney General of Missouri has called for the arrest of Joe Biden for bribing young people to vote for him by giving them loan forgiveness.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that voting is not a fundamental right.

The House Judiciary Committee dragged Attorney General Merrick Garland into a hearing so the Republicans could humiliate him on TV. He told them he wouldn’t be intimidated. Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California is a member of the committee. He said, on camera, “Trump’s campaign manager: felon. Trump’s deputy campaign manger: felon. Trump’s foreign policy adviser: felon. Trump’s lawyer: felon. Trump’s political adviser: felon. Trump’s fundraiser: felon. It is not the fault of the DOJ that Trump surrounded himself with criminals.”

Republican Congressman John Rose from Tennessee made a speech on the House floor defending Trump and lambasting his criminal conviction. He had his 6 year old son, Guy, with him who made funny faces for the CSPAN camera during the duration of his dad’s speech. Nobody would have remembered or cared about John Rose’s speech, but now they really won’t because his kid stole his thunder. Guy managed to humiliate the entire Republican party by crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out over and over.

Republicans don’t care about anything except getting on TV and raising money.

Trump has been fundraising off of his conviction. He told a group of donors at an event in New York that he would crush pro-Palestine protesters and deport them from the United States.

After Trump bitched for weeks that he had been forced to sit in the courtroom and couldn’t campaign, he’s golfing instead of campaigning, just like he did when he was supposed to be running the country when he was president.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has humiliated herself yet again by saying she’s going to trigger a privileged resolution this week to impeach Biden over the border (Biden was forced to make an executive order that limits asylum seekers to 2,500 a day because Congress won’t do it). Speaker Mike Johnson said, “The impeachment power is one that we wield very carefully here. There may well be impeachable offenses.”

Stormy Daniels says she’s glad the trial is finally over but the story will never be over for her because of the ongoing threats by MAGAs. She wore a bullet proof vest to court in order to testify.

Michael Cohen’s family has been doxxed since Trump’s guilty verdict. Phone numbers and addresses for Cohen’s wife and children were posted on a site that is used to target people involved in Trump’s legal issues.

January 6 victim, Officer Michael Fanone, has a new thing to worry about. His 78 year old mom was swatted. A SWAT team showed up at her house and scared her half to death because some nut targeted her in a manifesto he wrote.

Hunter Biden is being prosecuted for lying about being an addict when buying a gun. Of all things to try and nail him on……a gun related charge? WTF? Republicans should be defending him. They don’t want ANY regulations when it comes to guns, including permits and background checks. They want blind people who just left the bar to be able to buy a gun like they can Hot Cheetos and Red Bull at a 7–11. This trial is going to generate more public sympathy for him. Everybody has been touched by addiction whether they’re an addict themselves or they have a family member or friend who has been through addiction. He was a mess and now he’s not but he has to relive his own private hell every day during court all because the Republicans want to hurt his dad. Hats off to Hunter Biden. He has stayed sober throughout this whole process. He has been humiliated in front of his family and the whole country with photos of him deep in his addiction. Smart people know what’s going on here. They feel bad for Hunter Biden and understand that this whole thing is politically motivated. They don’t care about “Hunter Biden.” Dumb people care.

Dumb people are humiliating the rest of us in front of the whole world. To stop them from doing this we must remover their leaders from power. Then we won’t have to care about them anymore.



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