“I don’t wanna be president”

On this day 19 years ago the country was pretty united, even under George W. Bush. We really wanted to be one country. Since Trump came along, we’ve been torn into two countries — Trump’s country and what used to be America.

Employees at Fox are freaking out because they’re worried that if they don’t keep putting out the Trump propaganda that he’ll turn around and start his own propaganda news channel and they’ll be out of jobs. He’ll take their audience that they have been fattening up by force feeding them bullshit high in sugar and fat so they’ll keep voting for Republicans. They’ve worked so hard at getting their viewers to believe that they’re smarter than everybody else because they watch Fox. They’re the real Americans. The fake Americans are “over there.” They’re libtards and should be eliminated. America is divided — those who watch Fox and do as they’re told and those who don’t.

Republicans are nobody without Fox.

There will be no second stimulus check because the Republicans could care less about people who actually pay taxes. The Republicans work for the country inhabited by the small elite and filthy rich, and the Democrats work for the other country which is everybody else except Fox News viewers who all believe they’ll be filthy rich one day too.

The cops showed up at a college party in Miami and the students casually told them that they had tested positive for coronavirus. No worries. It’s cool. Have a good time, boys. Nobody was shot and killed at this party because the revelers live in the country that is all white.

Trump told Fox News Judge Jeanine that sniff, Biden is on debate enhancing drugs, sniff sniff. She suggested that people will riot on election night and asked him what he’ll do about it. He said he had the power to take care of it and will. Trump is the president of his own country. America doesn’t exist anymore.

Trump and the Third Lady did their duty and sat through the reading of the names of the those who perished on 9/11 in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 went down, bored out of their minds. He got the year wrong when he got up and spoke. Melania put her hand over her heart but wouldn’t say the pledge of allegiance. Her fat pig of a husband at least mumbled it. He didn’t know all the words though. Doesn’t matter. This is their country. They can do whatever they want.

2 countries — the one before 9/11 and the one after. The one after is dominated by Republican domination at home and abroad, powered by unchecked power, lies and violence both in foreign wars and in our streets. For 19 years, the Republicans have never let 9/11 go by without trying to scare the shit out of everybody that if we don’t vote Republican ISIS will come and cut our heads off. They didn’t have to do that this year because we’re already scared shitless. Of them. Trump and the Republicans are scarier than ISIS.

The Department of Homeland Security was created after 9/11 to protect us from being attacked again by foreign terrorists. Now it works for Trump. It’s protecting Russia for attacking the 2020 election by downplaying it like they have domestic white supremacist terrorism. The Russians have hacked the Biden campaign and it’s no big deal.

Federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy, a top aide to US Attorney John H. Durham who is heading the Trump-Russia probe, resigned from the Justice Department because the investigation is being pressured by Bill Barr to produce a positive outcome for Trump. He’s politicizing it and protecting Trump just like he did the Mueller report. The US Attorney General is a criminal. He’s using Trump to use his power to give him more power to run a country formerly known as America.

Another prosecutor in Minneapolis has resigned after his calls to address racism and police brutality after George Floyd’s murder went unanswered got blown off. He says that the law enforcement commission charged with fixing it is covering for a predetermined agenda. He was criticized for challenging the current tough-on-crime policies that led to the current mass incarceration crisis furthering divisions between communities and the cops. Bill Barr’s US Attorney William McSwain said, “Progressive prosecutors have no regard for public safety.”

Within the past 24 hours 2 prosecutors, one federal and one state, have resigned in 2 separate incidents because they don’t want to participate in lawless work politicized by Bill Barr.

Mary Trump says her uncle is dangerous, getting worse, and will take both countries down with him (his and ours.)

It’s been 60 hours since the coronatapes were released and no one has resigned. Trump is still lying to the public about the seriousness of the virus and the Republicans are looking the other way.

We have become a second rate, third world country under Trump. Republicans and fascism got married. The GOP walked him down the aisle and handed him over to Bill Barr, and Fox News said “I do.”

Half of this country has no idea what’s going on.

52 days until we get to vote.

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