Thanks Democrats!

Spike Dolomite
4 min readNov 24, 2021

President Biden and the Democratic party have proven that they’re working for everyday Americans by passing the American Rescue Plan (not a single Republican voted for stimulus checks or money for schools so they could re-open quickly and safely during the pandemic,) the infrastructure plan, finding a work around to combat high gas prices, getting covid under control, lifting children out of poverty, and passing Build Back Better in the House. All of this has happened in 10 months (thanks, Democrats!) which by any measure or standard is historical, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the mainstream media everyday which is focused on the Democratic party being in crisis.

The Dems have not only accomplished all of this during a pandemic, but they’ve don’t it on razor thin margins in both Houses while stuck with two senators who our bought and paid for by big oil and big pharma WHILE cleaning up Trump’s mess. Trump and the Republicans not only did nothing for every day Americans, they literally killed them.

The Dems are kicking ass. Thanks, Democrats!

The filthy rich and corporations are finally going to have to pay taxes. Thanks, Democrats!

The Build Back Better Act is 1,400 pages long and includes $550 billion for climate change (clean energy tax credits — the biggest investment in the environment in history,) free preschool, expanded child tax credits ($300 kids under 6 and $250 for kids 6–17) benefitting 17 million low wage workers, maximum childcare costs of 7% of a family’s income for 20 million kids so parents can afford to work, 4 weeks paid leave to take care of a family member, elder care for home based services through Medicare, $2,000 out of pocket caps for prescriptions for seniors and expanded Medicare for hearing benefits, college grants for low income students, free school meals, better Obamacare subsidies and tax credits, close the coverage gap in Medicaid, and money for affordable housing. All of this costs the every day working American nothing. In fact, the savings derived from it will reduce the deficit by $113 billion. The House passed it with bi-partisan support which was really important to Biden, yet the media is barely talking about it. The big news was crowded out by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and Kevin McCarthy’s big mouth and now, 5 days later, it’s back to the status quo where the Democrats are in crisis and what about 2024? The media was entirely focused on the blow by blow drama and imperfections of the bill for weeks instead of educating the public on what was in the bill and how historical and monumental it is and how, for the first time ever, the progressive caucus played a very important role in the shaping of the bill. Build Back Better is huge!


About 700 people have been arrested so far for attacking the Capitol. The Select Committee is moving up the chain of command and has subpoenaed the leaders of domestic terrorist groups who took part in the planning of the attack — Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, and First Amendment Praetorian leader Robert Patrick Lewis. The DOJ has been sealed tight on the work it’s doing as evidenced by how nothing leaked about the indictment of Steve Bannon. The wheels of justice are turning.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as being one of the greatest speakers in history — the first woman speaker and the only woman to serve as speaker twice, she passed historic legislation including the Affordable Care Act, the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure bill, Build Back Better, as well as oversaw the impeachment of the most lawless president in history, TWICE. Thanks, Nancy Pelosi!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Raise your glasses to the Democrats present and past who have given us public schools, minimum wage, unions, weekends, paid holidays, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, workman’s comp insurance, social security, Medicare, civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, equality in housing, the Affordable Care Act (thanks Obama.) We almost lost her, but America still stands and the government is functioning, thanks to Democrats.

Thanksgiving fun fact: The Thanksgiving holiday and its significance has undergone several revisions and dates over the years. The part about the colonizers and the Indians feasting in harmony was added 250 years after Plymouth Rock when Congress made it a national holiday. Before that Lincoln tried to make it official during the Civil War by declaring the last Thursday in November as a national, apolitical day to bring the north and south together out of mutual gratitude. FDR moved it up a week to the fourth Thursday in November to stimulate the economy by giving consumers an extra week to shop for the holidays. That pissed the Republicans off. They refused to celebrate on the new date. They kept Thanksgiving on the last Thursday, separate from the Democrats, and called FDR a dictator for moving the date. A rival called him Hitler for doing it.

Republicans have been calling Democrats Hitler since Hitler, even on Thanksgiving.

Life is better for everday Americans because of Democrats. Thanks, Democrats!

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