The American Taliban Vote

Spike Dolomite
4 min readNov 7, 2022

Ron DeSantis is running an ad on TV that says he was sent by God. This is a crackpot thing to do so why would he do it? Because 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016 and tomorrow is election day.

Republican Jesus has been given the wheel.

Speaking of Republican Jesus, check out “God Forbid” on HULU about kinky freaky Jerry Falwell, Jr, son of televangelist, Jerry Falwell Sr, founder of Liberty University and the Moral Majority Party where evangelicals got their start in Republican politics 50 years ago. Jerry Falwell, Jr and his wife Becki had a 7 year fling with a pool boy while Jerry watched. It’s a documentary about their outrageous lifestyle that is anything but Christian.

Jerry Falwell, Jr was the president of Liberty University and king of the Southern Baptist Dynasty. His dad started it all in 1971. He was the first Christian TV star. His congregation had 4,000 members but he reached millions every Sunday morning because his sermons were televised. He preached about white male Christian superiority and was anti-Black, anti-feminist, and anti-gay. He started the politics in the pulpit movement and helped Ronald Reagan get elected by telling his followers to vote for him. The Moral Majority was for white conservatives only and Falwell preached that liberalism, feminism, and intellectualism were the enemy. Republicans mobilized them around the issue of abortion and have been cultivating their vote for 50 years.

Falwell, Sr said 9/11 happened because of the abortionists, feminists, and the gays. In his speech at the RNC convention, he talked about dreaming that he met Chelsea Clinton and told her that the three biggest threats to America were “Osama, Obama and yo’ mama.”

Falwell, Jr took over running Liberty University and became a Jesus Christ Superstar in his own right. Falwell, Sr told Falwell, Jr that it was better to be a kingmaker than a king so Junior followed in his dad’s footsteps by directing Republican politics. His endorsement meant everything to GOP candidates. Being invited to speak at Liberty University was the golden ticket — an opportunity fit for a Christian king.

Jerry Falwell, Jr has a lot in common with Trump. They’re both conmen, they’re both phony Christians, they both founded their own universities, they both rode on the coat tails/tales of their fathers, they both have wives that are hot for anybody but their husbands, and they both hired Michael Cohen to fix things for them.

Michael Cohen was hired to fix the pool boy scandal after word got out that Falwell’s wife had a boy toy. In exchange for making photos go away, Cohen got Falwell to endorse Trump in 2016. Once he did, the evangelicals all voted for him, not caring that he had been married three times and had kids with all of his wives. Nor did they mind that he had sex with porn stars and said he could grab women by the pussy. He said he was pro-life, and that’s all that mattered. By endorsing Trump, Falwell really advanced his campaign and in return Trump said women should go to jail for having abortions.

Falwell said he would support Trump even if he raped someone.

Falwell took $2.2 million of Liberty University’s money and gave it to pro-Trump scams including right wing lobbyists, political ads, and paying Trumpists to serve on a Liberty University “think tank.” He invited Trump to deliver a commencement speech. Students had to sit and listen to a C student, a faux conservative, and immoral adulterer talk about God and give them advice about life. After his speech, they gave him an honorary degree.

Falwell said Trump should have his term extended an extra two years.

As president of Liberty University, the leadership never held Falwell accountable for his reckless, anti-Christian behavior. They knew about it, but they never dared hold him accountable until after a photo of him with a a young woman, holding a glass of alcohol, on a yacht surfaced. The secret was out — he was a drunken philandering grifter. He resigned from Liberty University and hasn’t made any political endorsements or appearances since.

Evangelicals don’t need Falwell to lead them anymore for they are now triumphant. The Supreme Court outlawed abortion. Next up — taking rights away from gays and making their brand of Christianity the official state religion.

Christian nationalists attacked the Capitol on January 6. It was Christian jihad.

American evangelicals, the American Taliban, will vote tomorrow. Will you?



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