The Bullies Table

Spike Dolomite
4 min readSep 1, 2023


Remains of a Republican food fight. Dems will have to clean it up, as usual.

Tough guy bullies Proud Boys Joe Biggs and Zachary Rehl bawled like babies and begged for mercy when they were sentenced to 17 and 15 years in prison for trying to overthrow the government. Shriveled dick white privilege on full display — they went into shock after they found out that the law actually applied to them and that they’ll be eating lunch in the prison cafeteria for a third of their lives.

Prosecutors asked for double what they got but the judge went easy on them, giving them half the recommended sentences and refraining from calling them terrorists. They retained some of their white boy privilege.

They wouldn’t have cried if the coup had been successful.

The attorney for the two Proud Boys was Norm Pattis. He’s Alex Jones’ attorney, too. He lost his law license in Connecticut for 6 months after he distributed a hard drive with personal information on the plaintiffs (bereaved parents) in the Sandy Hook defamation case. Norm would like to know why Trump hasn’t been arrested for seditious conspiracy yet because he was the head of the whole operation. What about Alex Jones?

Trump had 2 weeks to pardon everybody who attempted a coup for him but he didn’t because they failed. He bullied the bullies.

Trump’s campaign advisor, White House advisor, conspiracy theorist, and Fox News commentator, Peter Navarro, goes to trial next week for defying a subpoena the Select Committee had sent him regarding his role in the January 6 plot. In December 2020, he published a report alleging widespread election fraud. He participated in the call to Georgia to throw out votes. Right now he’s only in trouble for being in contempt of Congress. If found guilty on 2 counts he could go to jail for 2 years. Time will tell if he pays for actually trying to overthrow the government.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says he will NOT approve a commission to remove Fulton County DA Fani Willis, no matter how hard the Republicans in the state legislature bully him.

And now for the good news — compliments of President Joe Biden and the Democrats:

The US added another 187,000 new jobs in August.

Goldman Sachs estimates that the US economy will add up to 250,000 new manufacturing jobs over the next two years due to the CHIPS and Science Act and Inflation Reduction Act. That’s a lot of good paying, union jobs making semiconductors for people who hate Joe Biden and the Democrats because hating them is fashionable.

As of today, Medicare can start negotiating drug prices for 10 popular drugs prescribed to seniors. This is the biggest change to health care since the Affordable Care Act. Biden put price negotiations into the Inflation Reduction Act. Prices will go down for seniors (no matter how many prescriptions they have they won’t pay any more than $2,000 a year for their medications) and the government will save $100 billion over 20 years. More drugs will be added to the list over time.

Medicare hasn’t always covered prescriptions. The government has not been able to negotiate drug prices and the pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to keep their prices secret. George W. Bush’s plan was to let private insurance companies cash in on old people by offering them prescription coverage. Drug prices went up. It was a give away to drug companies.

President Biden was able to do what Presidents Clinton and Obama wanted to do but couldn’t. Even Trump claimed he was going to bring drug prices down but that was just another big fat lie to keep old MAGAs voting for him.

Every House Republican voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices even though most of their voters are white haired MAGAs. Big donations from big pharma weigh more than votes.

Diabetics who were paying hundreds of dollars a month for insulin are living better because Biden brought the cost down to $35 a month.

One year ago, inflation was at 8.3%. Now, inflation is at 3.2% — a more than 5% decrease in 12 months. President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is working.

Not a single Republican voted for the Inflation Reduction Act in either the House nor the Senate.

It’s hard for Biden and the Dems to get the message out that life is way better with Biden because Trump is sucking up all the attention, plus MAGAs don’t want to hear it. It’s easier to be lazy plus it matters a lot to them to be accepted by other lazy people. Biden’s approval rating isn’t what it should be because hating Biden makes MAGAs feel smart and popular. They’ve always wanted to sit at the cool kids table but they’re stuck at the bullies table because they don’t have the guts to sit somewhere else.

History will remember Joe Biden as the president who got things done in spite of being hated by the kids at the bullies table and ignored by the media because covering an indicted former president was better for ratings.



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