The Heart of Texas

Mexico sent Ted Cruz back because America isn’t sending their best plus he got dragged so badly on social media that he needed a PR team to rehabilitate his already lazy, opportunistic, do nothing, greedy son of a bitch image but he didn’t and it was obvious. After people in the airport outed him on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc., he woke up in Cancun and immediately booked a flight back to Houston where he didn’t get to work getting his state the help and resources it needs because he had to work the media where he told different stories about how he found himself at the Ritz Carlton in Mexico when people were literally freezing to death back home. He blamed it all on his kids and said he regretted it, he was just trying to be a good dad. They told him they were cold and since they didn’t have school that week they wanted to go to Cancun so he said OK. He was just doing what all good Texans are doing — taking care of his family.

Nothing says I’m a regular guy like taking your kids on a Mexican vacation on a moment’s notice just because they say, “Daddy, take me to Mexico! I wanna go to MEXICO! Take me to Mexico RIGHT NOW!” Sounds pretty elitist. He’s quite fond of calling Democrats elitist. Ted is an elitist. Not even his new regular guy mullet can save him now.

The good dad story is a big fat lie. He had those airline and hotel reservations for awhile and he had a flight back reserved for Saturday. He really thinks people will believe that all he did was escort the wife and kids to Cancun, check them in, and head back to work because he’s a good dad.

If he was a good dad, he’d be getting his kids out there volunteering in the freezing cold to deliver water, food, blankets and generators to those in need. They’d see him on the phone with people in Washington using his awesome power to secure every possible resource that he could for their state. Instead, he taught them that when the going gets tough, you bail. Blow it off! Think of ourselves first! Lie! Don’t do your job! Don’t help in an emergency! Grow up to be an asshole Republican like me!

Only 100 people in the country have as much power as Ted Cruz and he didn’t use his power on behalf of the people of his state because he was only thinking of himself.

Beto O’Rourke, who lost to Ted Cruz and is not an elected official, spent his day making welfare checks by calling seniors throughout Texas with other volunteers to see if they needed anything. AOC, who Ted hates with a passion and uses every time he wants to make a Democrats are evil elitist socialists point, raised $1 million for Texas while he was on planes, in airports and doing interviews wearing a Texas state flag mask instead of the grey mask he was wearing earlier with a gun and “Come and Take It” embroidered on it. He wore that same mask to Biden’s inauguration.

“The Ted Cruz Cancun story is a perfect illustration of how wealthy comfortable people are the last to have to face the consequences of climate change. They can afford to avoid suffering in the short term; no wonder they’re not pushing for change that might affect their lifestyles” — Katie Mack

On top of fleeing his state to let people suffer and die in the cold, he and his family left the family dog alone in the house to freeze to death. The dog’s name is Snowflake. Ted Cruz named his poodle Snowflake.

The Houston Chronicle has called for Ted Cruz’s resignation.

Ted Cruz isn’t worried about any consequences inside the Republican party because his actions are completely in line with who the party is today — the GOP is the party of liars, back stabbers and greedy pricks. Like Trump, they didn’t run for election to actually work. We believe in smaller government as in vote for me and I’ll do absolutely nothing except take bribes and destroy democracy. They defended him by saying he was on a mission to save Texas. If he wasn’t there, he and his family wouldn’t be consuming valuable resources. He went to Mexico for Texas.

Irony of ironies — Ted Cruz fled his homeland and crossed the border into Mexico so he could give his family a better life.

People are lining up at water spigots to get water that they’ll have to boil before they use just like Puerto Ricans did after Hurricane Maria.

Crops have frozen and died, milk has gone to waste because there is no power to pasteurize or any way to get it to market. Livestock have been brought indoors so animals don’t freeze to death. People are chopping up furniture and fences and burning it to keep warm. This is third world shit.

No word on how the migrants in detention centers are doing.

It’s snowing in Saudi Arabia. Climate change is real and it’s happening right now.

The most energy rich state in the union can’t supply its people with fuel.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) oversees about 90% of Texas’ energy production. Its board of directors don’t all live in Texas and one doesn’t even live in America. They removed their board of directors’ names from their website for awhile because they say some members were getting death threats.

Texans are paying for a service they are not getting and their government is like, don’t look at us, you’re on your own. This is Texas.

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