The I word

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Trump totally flipped out in the Rose Garden during an impromptu press conference a few minutes after flipping out in a meeting with Chuck and Nancy about infrastructure that only lasted a few minutes. It wasn’t impromptu at all because there was signage and those posters took more than a few minutes to print. It was all staged for TV. He pretty much said he was on strike until the Democrats dropped their investigations into him. He was mad that Nancy said he was engaged in a cover up. He said he doesn’t do cover ups. Visibly shaken and paranoid, he said that the Democrats had been meeting to talk about the “I” word. Which “I” word? Infrastructure? Investigation? Impotence? Insubordinate? Injurious? Insanity? Imposter? Ignoramus? Insatiable? Impeachment? What?

“The White House Rose Garden is a special space in our political landscape, a stage for presidential dramas, victory laps, catharsis and tragedies. It’s seen plenty of hyperbolic rhetoric and self-promotion. But many Americans are bound to view today’s spectacle as a new low.” — Dan Rather

After Trump stomped out of the meeting with Chuck and Nancy, Kellyanne Conway asked Nancy if she wanted to respond to what Trump had said. “I’ll respond to the president, not staff,” Pelosi said. “Wow, that’s really pro-woman of you,” Kellyanne Conway quipped back.

Hey Kellyanne! “I” is for interrogation. Can you say, “interrogation?”

Here’s an “I” word — ironic! Infrastructure was a big Trump campaign promise because “that’s what I do.” He’s not hurting the Democrats by refusing to cooperate. He’s an idiot (“I” word.)

There goes Infrastructure Week AGAIN!!

Is the “I” word, I?

He’s freaking out because Nancy said he’s participating in a cover up which is an impeachable offense, a judge told Deutsche Bank and Capitol One to turn Trump’s financial records over to the Democrats, and the State of New York passed a bill to release Trump’s state tax returns to Congress.

Threatening Pelosi not to investigate him is in itself an obstruction of justice. Blackmailing Chuck and Nancy is an obstruction of justice. Going on strike until Democrats do what he tells them to do is obstruction of justice.

Nixon was in office for 5 ½ years. During that time his administration experienced 76 indictments. Trump has been in office 2 years and 4 months and he has surpassed that.

In the midst of being burdened with the many “I” words, Democrats have passed 100 bills in 4 months but they’re sitting in limbo because Mitch McConnell won’t let the Senate vote on them. He proudly calls himself the Grim Reaper and plans on killing everything the House does. Just this week they passed bills to expand healthcare, lower drug prices, and prohibit sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination. Here, check them out.

Congressman Adam Schiff said that he thought Bill Barr has all the duplicity of Rudy Giuliani without the good looks and general likeability. He also said that he’s not worthy of the title attorney general.

The filthy rich DeVos family has cut Michigan Republican congressman Justin Amash off because he called for impeachment.

A Republican state legislator in Mississippi, Doug McLeod, got wasted drunk and punched his wife in the face because he wanted to get laid and she wasn’t undressing fast enough. When the cops showed up, he opened the door and said, “Are you kidding me? The cops are here!” He has the legislative record of a do nothing drunk — just a bunch of resolutions to honor the legacies of old people.

The 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it’s legal to feed the homeless in Florida.

The Trump administration plans on denying homeless transgender people equal access to shelters.

Idiots voted for the guy who said he had bitter contempt for government and got a guy with bitter contempt for government. How do you like him now, you indignant, imbecilic, impudent, incompetent, inkerdinks?

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