The Kids Are Not All Right

Spike Dolomite
5 min readSep 1, 2021

Over 4.8 million children have tested positive for covid, 5 times as many kids have tested positive in the past month than any other time. The kids are not all right.

All kids have been traumatized by the pandemic. Some kids more than others because their parents won’t get vaccinated. Those kids are not all right.

Republican governors and MAGAs refuse to protect children. Not only have they have fought hard not to enact any gun safety legislation, they’ve been fighting just as hard to not protect kids from covid. The kids are not all right.

Older kids who are vaccinated and understand how fucked up everything is enjoy the irony of congress members having to go on lockdown at the Capitol on January 6. Now they know what it’s like to be a kid in public school.

Gun related deaths are the second leading cause of death for children in the US. The kids are not all right.

“Republicans think that children being slaughtered in their classrooms with weapons of war is the cost of freedom but that wearing a mask to save lives during a pandemic is too high a price to pay.” — Bradley Whitford

The only time school shootings went down was during the lockdown of 2020. It took a global pandemic to stop them from happening. What are we doing to our kids?

As of midnight, women in Texas can’t have an abortion after 6 weeks because the Supreme Court didn’t intervene. Abortion has essentially been outlawed in Texas. Women will be forced to raise kids they do not want or can’t afford without any help from the state. Those kids won’t be all right.

Also in Texas, the Republicans have passed their voter discrimination bill so Democrats can’t vote. They’ve banned public schools from teaching students that the KKK is wrong and have prevented schools from teaching the history of the Voting Rights Act. Teachers will be fined if they get caught teaching about racism. That’s not right.

In Florida, Governor Death Sentence and the Republicans are ignoring the judge’s ruling that schools don’t have to adhere to their no mask mandate. The Florida Department of Education has started withholding salaries of school board members who oppose the mask mandate ban. This is not only against the law, it endangers children. The kids in Florida are not all right.

In Missouri, there were 128 math, 93 science, 210 special ed, and 92 english teaching positions open right before school started because teachers don’t want to teach in that shithole state.

School has started in many schools across the country but they’re having to shut down as soon as they open because kids are being exposed to covid. Families who have done everything right are being punished for the recklessness of families who refused to do the right thing. It’s like when teachers punish a whole class for the bad behavior of a couple of trouble makers. All the good kids (vaccinated) have to suffer the consequences of the bad kids (unvaccinated.) The good kids can’t be right because the bad kids are wrong.

The US Department of Education is opening civil rights investigations into states that have banned mask mandates as a matter of discrimination against students with disabilities.

Twice as many kids live with just their mom as did in 1968. Women make less than men for the same work which means single parent households are living in poverty. Since Biden’s American Rescue Plan, kids and moms will be all right for the first time in a long time but not for long unless more Democrats are elected and the monthly allowance can be extended.

In contrast, Ivanka Trump’s mom brand is on hiatus while she hides out in Florida. Last year she did a photo shoot to inspire other moms to be creative during the pandemic by showing herself “working” from home — playing in a fort made of blankets with her kids in her mansion, with every hair in place. Ivanka’s kids are the only kids in history whose grandpas were both criminals and one pardoned the other. Those kids ain’t right.

Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump are the epitome of spoiled white boy losers. If you’re rich and white and don’t discipline your kids they could grow up to be president or a member of congress and destroy the country.

Life is so shitty in America that the most educated but lowest paid generation is saying no to having kids. They’re drowning in debt, they don’t make enough money to survive, and they don’t want to bring a child into this world. It doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. On the other hand, Texas will have a population explosion of kids who won’t be all right.

Population growth has slowed in China and the US because of the government. In China, the law tells you how many kids you can have. In the US, the fertile generation is saying no to kids because they can’t afford them and the country is too fucked up to subject a new generation to life here.

Covid kids carry the burden of the pandemic, school shootings, and climate change. The adults in their lives don’t give a shit about them. Their parents are screaming at teachers now about masks, but it wasn’t that long ago that they were screaming at teachers for not doing a better job of raising their kids for them. In a few years those kids will be able to vote. It will be payback time for all of the adults who didn’t treat them right.

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