The Moral Majority is Neither

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJul 6, 2019
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The Gettingitwrong Address spoken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on July 4, 2019 will be recorded in the National Archives as it was spoken, not as it was written.

Trump says that his July 4th rally is sure to cause a big spike in military recruitment.

Trump says he is going to use an executive order to defy the Supreme Court and put the citizenship question on the census. He goofed and admitted it was for congressional districts.

Informed citizens know that he can’t do that but MAGAs chant TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

The Court has ordered the unsealing of documents related to the Jeff Epstein sex trafficking ring case in south Florida. That means we’re going to find out which politicians, evangelical cult leaders, diplomats and celebrities are implicated in this thing. Trump could very well be one of them. If he is, the evangelicals will defend him because he is a saint, a martyr, and sent to us by God!

Evangelicals love Trump. They voted for him in 2016 by a staggering margin. 80% of them said he was their guy. 4 months ago, a Pew Research poll found that 69% of them think Trump is doing a great job. How is that possible? He’s gross. He’s lazy. He’s a liar. He’s a traitor. He’s lewd. He’s a sexual deviant. He’s been married 3 times. He’s a former casino magnate who is obviously NOT a Christian. How is that possible? Because Jerry Falwell Jr, the son of Jerry Falwell Sr, the guy who started the American brand of crazy cult Christianity, who co-founded the Moral Majority movement in the 80s to get Reagan elected, made that possible. They both molded evangelicals into a powerful voting block for Republicans. Whatever the Jerrys tell them to do, they do.

Jerry Falwell Jr has much more in common with Trump than just being a conman. They both founded their own universities, they both ride on the coat tails/tales of their fathers, they both hired Michael Cohen to fix things for them, and they both have wives that are hot for anybody but their husbands.

Evangelical fun facts: The Civil War is when the kooky American brand of Christianity started. Its roots are in the south and its branches and leaves are 21st century and kookier than ever. During the Civil War, Christians were confronted with the morality of slavery. Real Christians knew that they couldn’t be Christians and continue to own slaves. White slave owners who had no problem with owning black people went their own way. They haven’t changed. They picked up their muskets to maintain their way of life and they haven’t put them down. They rebranded themselves “fundamentalists” and rejected all things progressive and scientific. After WWI, they criticized Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and tried to get it taken out of schools. They wanted books banned and the Bible taught. They haven’t changed. Billy Graham took the baton in the 1970s and led the evangelicals into politics. They first started mobilizing the faithful around race. They wanted segregated schools and created their own white schools that they claimed were based on religious views. In 1979, the Religious Right and the Moral Majority started their squeeze on the GOP. They preached that the government, liberalism and intellectualism were the enemy. Republicans saw their opportunity in getting those votes by mobilizing them around the issue of abortion. It’s still working. The Moral Majority got Reagan elected even though he was a divorced actor. From then on they have voted for candidates who will protect their wacko “religious liberty,” and unique brand of Christianity. It doesn’t matter that Trump is Trump. He defends their kooky religion and their muskets and that’s all that matters.

The last 5 Speakers of the House:

Newt Gingrich — Republican who left in disgrace
Dennis Hastert — Republican who went to jail for pedophilia
Nancy Pelosi — Democrat and first woman speaker who got the Affordable Care Act passed
John Boehner — Republican who couldn’t control his drinking or the tea party faction of the party so he left in disgust so he could sit on his front porch in his robe, drinking Bloody Marys and yelling at kids to get off his lawn
Paul Ryan — Republican without any guts or spine who let Trump do whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted and left the most hated man in America and very rich
Nancy Pelosi — An old Democrat who refuses to use her power to impeach the treasonous criminal occupant in the White House

Republicans don’t have the character but they have the rationale.

When Jerry Falwell, Jr says “Don’t lie with men” does he mean 2 guys in bed together or all Republicans?

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