The Party of Pedophiles

The GOP is really out there now, going along with the QAnon conspiracy theory that the Democrats are pedophiles. It started with Q making up a story about Hillary Clinton running a sex trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor during the 2016 campaign. QAnon cult members believe that Trump is saving the world from Satanists, the secret cult of elite pedophiles, and cannibals who have taken over the highest ranks of the world government and economy. Normal people would laugh this stuff off but Trump would retweet QAnon tweets regularly. Enough people really believe this stuff now that Republicans pander to them because they really need those votes. That was obvious when the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee insulted Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearing and accused her of being soft on pedophiles. After she was confirmed yesterday, QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene accused everybody who voted for her of being “pro-pedophile.” Nobody in the Republican party denounced her for that.

The party that has been newly branded the “pedophile party” by the QAnon arm of the GOP comes up short when it comes to actual Democrats being prosecuted for crimes involving sex with children. The opposite is actually true. Democrats and Republicans might be even when it comes to adulterous affairs with consenting adults (although you won’t find any naked pictures or soft porn of any Democratic First Ladies if you Google their names) but it’s no contest when it comes to pedophilia. The perpetrators are almost always Republicans. A quick Google search brought up 70 names in just a few minutes. Here are just a few:

Oklahoma State Senator and local Trump campaign chair, Ralph Shortey — sentenced to 15 years for child sex trafficking. He pleaded guilty so he wouldn’t be charged with 3 extra counts of child porn. He got busted in a Motel 6 having sex with a teenaged boy. He was married with four kids and supported legislation targeting LGBTQs. He ran on a “family values” platform.

Former judge, school board member, Republican activist and Trump campaign official in Kentucky, Tim Nolan– sentenced to 20 years for sex trafficking and child sex trafficking.

Minnesota state rep Jim Knoblach dropped out of his race for re-election because his adult daughter accused him of molesting her for 10 years.

Florida Congressman Mark Foley resigned from Congress in 2006, after he got busted for sending suggestive emails and sexually explicit instant messages to teenage boys who served as Congressional pages.

County Commissioner David Swartz — sentenced to 8 years in prison for molesting 2 girls under the age of 11.

Former mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut and former candidate for US Senate, Philip Giordano — sentenced to 37 years in federal prison for molesting 8 and 10 year old girls.

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert — sentenced to 15 months in prison for getting caught paying one of his victims off who he had molested when he was a high school wrestling coach decades prior. He didn’t go to jail for molesting any of his students (even though he admitted to it,) he just went to jail for paying one off. He took over as Speaker after Newt Gingrich stepped down once it was discovered that he was having an affair with an intern at the same time that he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton for having an affair with an intern.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was once a college wrestling coach and has yet to answer for his part in covering up the molestation of numerous athletes by the team’s doctor.

Missouri Republican state legislator Rick Roeber resigned after being investigated for molesting his own children. He ran for his second wife’s seat 2 weeks after she died even though he was outed for having molested all 4 of his kids from his first marriage. People voted for him even though they knew he was a pedophile.

Judge Roy Moore ran for Jeff Sessions seat in Alabama after Trump promoted him to attorney general. The fact that he had been outed for preying upon 9 adolescent girls before he was a judge didn’t hurt his chances of winning the Senate seat. Voters said they’d rather vote for a pedophile than a Democrat. Trump endorsed him. He lost, but barely. 49% of Alabama Republicans voted for him in 2018 knowing he was an accused pedophile.

State legislator in Tennessee, Keith Westmoreland killed himself after he was arrested on 7 felony counts for lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (the same thing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s husband did in Colorado.)

County deputy sheriff and chairman of the local Republican party Paul Ingram — 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to 6 counts of raping his daughters.

Congressman Matt Gaetz in Florida is under federal investigation for child sex trafficking.

Jeffrey Epstein was protected by Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta when he was the US Attorney in Miami. He granted him immunity from federal prosecution for child sex trafficking by making the girls out to be prostitutes. He never did an investigation. He never subpoenaed his computers. All he did was make a deal with Epstein’s attorneys after he pleaded guilty to 2 counts of solicitation of prostitution. He got a 13 month work release sentence in county jail and could come and go as he pleased. 4 of his accomplices named in the agreement received immunity from all federal criminal charges. The whole agreement was sealed. Alexander Acosta did not protect the victims. He protected the defendant. It is not known yet if Trump was one of the protected accomplices but since he was a passenger on at least 6 of the sex party flights that came out in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, and Epstein’s housekeeper testified in another trial that she drove one of the girls to Mar-a-Lago to deliver her to Trump, and Trump was named in a deposition in 2016 along with Jeffrey Epstein for repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl, Katie Johnson (who dropped her suit in 2016 when Trump was running for president because she was threatened,) it’s possible. And since Trump gave Alex Acosta the job of Labor Secretary (in charge of overseeing human trafficking,) it’s very likely that Trump is a pedophile.

The irony will be lost on the QAnon cult members who started this whole thing about Democrats being pedophiles that the guy who they think is going to save the world from elite pedophiles is in fact an elite pedophile.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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