It’s not over until the Fat Bastard sings

Spike Dolomite
5 min readAug 14, 2019

The president of the United States has invoked violent acts in at least 36 criminal cases nationwide SO FAR.

Trump called the protesters in Hong Kong fighting for democracy “rioters.” He said he hoped it worked out for China in all of this. The unarmed protesters are getting their heads clubbed to a bloody pulp by the Peoples Republic of China military inside the airport right now. The government is calling the protesters “terrorists” and threatening them that this better be over.

Trump made a speech in Pittsburgh to a crowd of energy workers who were paid by their employer, Shell, to stand on their feet from 8 am until 3 pm without a lunch break to be a backdrop for Trump’s latest campaign video. He repeated a line about windmills from another speech that was so stupid it became a meme, “All of a sudden it stops, the wind and the televisions go off, and your wives and husbands say, ‘Darling, I want to watch Donald Trump on television tonight, but the wind stopped blowing.” That was about it for the “energy” speech. Then he rolled right into his canned MAGA stump speech which should get Shell in trouble since they paid their workers to be there. Now it’s a campaign contribution. He claimed that being president has cost him $3–5 billion in legal fees due to emoluments — “I got sued on a thing called emoluments. Now nobody looks at Obama getting $60 million for a book. That’s OK, even though nobody in history ever got that much money for a book. … But with me, it’s everything.”

The workers in the video just wanted the whole thing to be over.

A couple of hours after his “energy” speech in Pittsburgh, another campaign video went up on his Twitter feed. Trump is good for energy.

“Trump doesn’t make sense. His interviews are incoherent. Forget about the racism and hate for a second. He can’t even put words together. He isn’t even fit to be the President of a 4 person book club with 3 of the members being stuffed animals.” — Jesse Lifson

The autopsy is done on Jeffrey Epstein’s body but officials say more information is needed before they can determine the cause of death. Say what? It’s not over?

The FBI raided Epstein’s pedophile island in the Virgin Islands. The rich and powerful who partied there have got to be scared shitless because this investigation is not over.

Epstein’s prison guards are on administrative leave after they got busted for lying about what they were doing when Epstein expired under their watch. They falsified the times on their sign in sheets after they woke up from their naps during the time Epstein supposedly killed himself. Bill Barr is on it. He’s “appalled” and looking into it. On it or in on it? Because if Barr works for Trump then he also works for Epstein.

Trump defended retweeting an accusation that the Clintons murdered Epstein. He said that tweet was “fine” because the guy who posted it is “a highly respected conservative pundit. A big Trump fan. And that was a retweet….he’s a man who has half a million followers.”

Epstein’s accusers have asked a federal court to invalidate the 2007 non-prosecution agreement that protected Epstein and his co-conspirators. This isn’t over.

Epstein’s lawyers are getting lawyers

MAGAs are always yelling that immigrants are freeloaders but ICE always seems to raid workplaces. MAGAs are always yelling that immigrants are taking their jobs but after ICE raids workplaces they don’t want those jobs.

Trump is fixing it now so only successful brown people can come into the country. He wants them all to have degrees and money. Does that mean he’ll want to see their taxes?

How many Americans’ ancestors came here with degrees and money? Trump’s own mother emigrated from Scotland in 1930. She was escaping extreme poverty, violence, and unemployment. Her village didn’t get running water until the 1960s.

Acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli, whose Italian ancestors were more than likely snubbed when they got to America because people were prejudiced against Italians until the Irish started coming over and then people started hating on them, wants to change the poem on the Statue of Liberty to welcome European immigrants only:

“Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

ICE has been arresting people who are here legally which means we are at the stage where they’re rounding up people and sorting them out later. Guess where that leads.

A nuclear explosion in Russia killed 7 and contaminated numerous others including doctors. The government is covering up the severity of the blast. North Korea is shooting off more rockets and the Chinese are about to start killing citizens in Hong Kong. Trump hopes it works out for both sides. As president of the United States he has given the leaders of all 3 governments a green light to do whatever they want.

The media continues to report on Trump as if he was a legitimately elected president who isn’t the most dangerous man in the world. They need to report on that and call on him to resign.

Make that fat bastard sing.

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