The QAnon Vote

Trump did a MAGA rally in Ohio that was supposed to be for US Senate candidate/MAGA Republican, JD Vance, but Trump ignored him. He dove into the deep end of full blown QAnon waters and got his devotees so worked up they did the Nazi salute for him. He told them they were being invaded (by liberals and immigrants) and won’t have a country anymore. If Democrats stay in power, stabbings and rapes will skyrocket. “Left-wing sickos are destroying our youth.” MAGA Republican and QAnon psycho J.R. Majewski spoke. He is a secessionist who was at the insurrection and is running against incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur, the longest serving woman in either house of Congress, and the second longest serving woman of all time. MAGA Republicans Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke, too. The two of them are QAnon members of Congress who were part of the planning of the insurrection. QAnon nut Mike Lindell spoke outside of the rally for an hour and a half. He said he prayed to God for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to win their Senate re-election races in Georgia because that would prove once and for all that elections are rigged. He’s suing the US government and the FBI right now. MAGA lawyer Alan Dershowitz is representing him.

Marjorie Taylor Greene gave an interview to one of the QAnon media outlets during the rally. She said, “We’re seeing a resurgence, it’s like a revival. It’s really a Christian revival. I want to see the church in America come to life and save this country. Because the church in America is the American people. The constitution was founded by Christian men.” A few days earlier she kicked 18 year old Marianna Pecora, Deputy Communications Director for Voters Tomorrow, on the street while walking on the sidewalk on Capitol Hill. She and her team were in DC to lobby for youth rights. They were walking alongside Marjorie Taylor Greene and her staff asking about gun control. This made QAnon Marge mad so she mouthed off, kicked her, shared a video of it on Twitter and then lied and said she didn’t do it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene thought she was attacking Democrats for exploring energy alternatives when she said she believes that generating electricity from “wind turbines and solar panels” will result in the loss of air conditioning and home appliances. “I like the lights on. I want to stay up later at night. I don’t want to have to go to bed when the sun sets.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing an article of impeachment against an Attorney General Merrick Garland for not serving their great QAnon leader, Trump.

New information just came out from testimony to the Select Committee that Matt Gaetz told a former White House aide that he had sought a preemptive pardon from Trump regarding the DOJ’s sex trafficking probe.

Matt Gaetz spoke at the Texas Youth Summit with a cross hung on stage to an audience that wasn’t young. Lauren Boebert spoke too, with a pistol displayed on her hip. A week ago, she spoke for an hour at a Christian conference and encouraged churchgoers to put “God back at the center of our country” and defeat “the enemy” that is destroying America. They believe that they have been called to do this. Boebert urged them to hurry up because the end times are near. The 3 day conference celebrated the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, called for the end of same sex marriage, and denounced “wokeness” and Black Lives Matter.

Eric Herschmann, one of Trump’s former lawyers who represented him in the first impeachment trial, reached out to Trump’s current lawyers after being subpoenaed to get guidance about what he should say when asked by prosecutors about executive privilege and attorney client privilege. They told him not to worry about it because they had a “chief judge” in their corner.

Trump has brought Chris Kise, the former solicitor general of Florida, on to his legal team. Other lawyers said NO WAY when asked if they’d join his legal team but Kise said he’d do it for $3 million. Chris Kise is a registered foreign agent. He started working on behalf of the Venezuelan Attorney General Reinaldo Muñoz Pedroza in 2020, who was appointed by the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, whom the US does not recognize as a legitimate leader. He has been sanctioned since 2017 and is an ally of Putin. This means that Trump has someone on his team who could possibly get access to top secret information and then pass it on to Maduro, a dictator who has been starving and killing his own citizens since 2013 after he came to power when Hugo Chavez died. Amnesty International has accused Maduro of the worst human rights abuses in Venezuela’s history and the UN condemned him for using police and military force to invade poor neighborhoods to kill youth. He has ordered thousands of executions and detentions and tortures people for speaking out against the government. The 50 asylum seekers who Ron DeSantis illegally trafficked from Texas to Martha’s Vinyard last week were fleeing Maduro’s regime.

Hugo Chavez and Venezuela are big in QAnon world. One of their many conspiracy theories is that Smartmatic voting systems was created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chávez and was used to commit fraud in the 2020 election.

Could DeSantis have chosen Venezuela refugees for his stunt to get the QAnon weirdos fired up to vote for him now and in 2024 when he runs for president?

There is a strong Venezuelan voting bloc in Florida and they’re pissed. Are there enough of them to cancel out the QAnon vote in November?



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