The Threat Within

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMay 17, 2021
Qevin McCarthy, Majority Leader of the Rendezvous Threat Camp.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace actually asked Qevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney about Trump and McCarthy conniving to “get their story straight” regarding their phone calls about the attack on the Capitol. Chris Wallace dared to suggest that Trump and McCarthy were involved in “witness tampering.” On Fox News. Does that make Chris Wallace a threat to Fox News?

Liz Cheney says that both Qevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik are complicit in spreading the Big Lie and undermining democracy. She also said that McCarthy has “important information” to share with investigators about January 6. Both of them are a threat to our democracy.

Repugs are just as worried about their lives and safety as Dems but they refuse to do anything about it. “We now live in a country where members’ votes are affected because they’re worried about their security, about threats on their lives,” Liz Cheney said. Her colleagues’ complicity has become a threat to their party.

Palm Beach County is preparing for Trump’s extradition if he’s indicted by SDNY for financial crimes. Trump’s Mini Me, Governor Ron DeSantis can get involved and protect him by refusing to let New York take him. Trump was planning to go north to stay at his club in New Jersey while Mar-a-Lago is closed for the winter but will he now? The governor of New Jersey is no fan.

Election fraud! A man in Colorado who is sitting in jail after being charged for murdering his wife on Mother’s Day of last year submitted an absentee ballot for her in the 2020 election while she was “missing” so he could cast another vote for Trump.

New voter suppression laws in many states have been swift, coordinated and identical because the ultra conservative dark money group, Heritage Action wrote the bills and had Republicans in state legislatures sign their names to them. A leaked video of Heritage’s executive director, Jessica Anderson (a former Trump administration official) talking to rich donors proves it. Dark money groups are a threat to the democratic process.

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks but many liberals still will because they don’t want to be mistaken as a piggy Republican. Better to stay covered than appear to be a threatening menace.

Vaccination rates for Democrats in Congress is 100% in both the House and Senate. Only 45% of Republicans in the House are vaccinated and 92% are in the Senate, making them a literal threat to public safety.

Among seniors, 90% of Democrats say that they’re vaccinated while 60% of Republicans still believe the whole thing is a hoax and that their lives and privacy will be threatened if they let the government inject them.

15,000 pharmacies across the country are now vaccinating teens ages 12–17.

New York city is giving away free burgers and fries if you get vaccinated. Ohio is offering a weekly drawing for $1 million for 5 weeks for people who are vaccinated. Kids under 17 can win an all expenses paid 4 years scholarship to Ohio’s state university.

Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, wants to cut unemployment off and force people back to work even though Arizona is a mess and covid is not under control. He quoted St. Ronald Reagan in a tweet, “The best social program is a job.”

Missouri’s Republican governor, Mike Parson, says he’s not expanding Medicaid no matter what the voters want. They passed a bond measure and now he’s telling them their vote doesn’t count. He and the Republicans have decided against it. The state of Missouri is a threat to people’s health.

Machine Gun Barbie Lauren Boebert tweeted: AOC and Chuck Schumer are actively encouraging people to go to hospitals and get the death certificates of their relatives amended to include COVID-19 so that the federal government can help pay for their funerals. Is there no limit to what Democrats want government to pay for?

A former staffer of Doug Lamborn is suing his old boss, a Republican congressman from Colorado, for endangering him and his entire staff by knowingly exposing them to covid after he got it and didn’t tell anybody. He called the virus a hoax and refused to follow safety guidelines with his staff. Several members got infected. He also forced staff to do personal errands for his family plus secretly set up a place for his adult son to live in a storage area in the basement of the Capitol.

One of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s shitty staffers told Eric Swalwell, a sitting US Congressman, a former impeachment manager, presidential candidate, and state prosecutor, to take off his mask inside the Capitol. He responded by telling the punk, “You don’t tell me what to fucking do.” Marjorie Taylor Greene and her staff treat the halls of Congress like the halls of high school. A video of her harassing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez outside her Capitol Hill office before she was elected shows how mentally unstable she is. She’s dangerous. She’s a threat not only to AOC, but to all members of Congress. Qevin McCarthy refuses to do anything about it which makes him the Majority Leader of the Rendezvous Threat Camp.

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