The Treason Chronicles for Kindle

The Daily Crime Reports are compiled into “quarterly reports” (3 month segments of the Trump presidency) in the The Treason Chronicles.

Treason Chronicles 1st Quarter 2017: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 April-June 2017

Read about Sally Yates and James Comey, Trump’s 100th day in office, the rise of Robert Mueller, Trump’s first trip abroad, covfefe, and various Senate hearings.

Treason Chronicles 2nd Quarter 2017: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 July-September 2017

Read about the rise and fall of Trumpcare, pissing matches with North Korea, the first G20, massive protests, the first private face to face meeting with Putin, pieces falling into place over Russiagate, Trump’s orgy speech at the Boy Scouts, the exit of Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus, Rex Tillerson’s naps, golf, golf and more golf, the first 200 days, Paul Manafort’s house getting raided, white nationalists descending on the University of Virginia with their violent, deadly Unite the Right rally, Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Trump making a fool of himself in front of the United Nations, the beginning of the racist war against the NFL, the devastation of Puerto Rico, Roy Moore and the 8 month failure count.

Treason Chronicles 3rd Quarter 2017: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 October — December 2017

Read about Puerto Rico getting kicked to the curb, 2 out of 3 of the top worst mass shootings in US history (Las Vegas outdoor concert and a church in Sutherland, Texas), Mueller taking over the dossier investigation, the government and employers getting involved in women’s sex lives, Rex Tillerson calling Trump a fucking moron, Lindsey Graham’s infamous golf trip with Trump, new Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, birth of the Me Too Movement, Melania’s anti-bullying campaign, Mueller filing first charges in the Russia probe, Paul Manafort getting arrested, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, a blue wave crashing over state elections, pedophile Roy Moore’s campaign for Jeff Sessions’ seat in Alabama, the Republican tax bill, Junior testifying before Congress, the Republican campaign to discredit the FBI (aka deep state,) and Net Neutrality.

Treason Chronicles 4th Quarter 2018: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 January-March 2018

Read about GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS and more GUNS, the first book written about Trump in the White House, the Republicans going after GPS Fusion, the FBI and the Christopher Steele, Trump holding a televised press conference at Camp David to announce to the country that he is a very stable genius, Dianne Feinstein going rogue and releasing the GPS transcript, corporations laying people off after hitting pay dirt with the Republican tax law, shithole countries, deportations, Stormy Daniels, 2 government shut downs and the second women’s march, Trump’s stupid wall, rescinding DACA, the first state of the union speech, Trump wanting a military parade in his honor, more resignations, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook messing with our minds, Trump’s attorneys jumping ship, the Parkland kids’ March for Our Lives demonstration, and GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, and more GUNS.

Treason Chronicles 5th Quarter 2018: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 April-June 2018

Read about trade wars, the FBI raid on Michael Cohen, bombing Syria, Jim Comey’s book, the emergence of Rudy Guiliani, White House leaks, the first “caravan” to hit the border, deportations, taking children from their parents at the border and losing them, cages and concentration camps, the UN investigating human rights violations in America, Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, Jared Kushner taking money from Qatar, the RNC and the Trump campaign paying legal fees for people caught up in the Russia scandal, Jared finally getting security clearance, Kim Jong-un playing cat and mouse with Trump, entertaining a North Korean enemy spy in the Oval Office, lots of talk about pardons including Trump saying he can pardon himself, Trump reluctantly attending the G7 summit and saying Russia should be there. Canada, France and Germany getting pissed, Trump meeting Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the New York attorney general investigating Trump’s foundation, Paul Manafort going to jail, Trump using kidnapped children as bargaining chips for his wall, the wicked witch of the West, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, denying human rights abuses, Melania’s infamous “I really don’t care do U?” jacket, Republicans getting heckled and chased out of restaurants, and Justice Kennedy retiring.

Treason Chronicles 6th Quarter 2018: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 July — September 2018

Read about migrant children living in concentration camps, disappearing, being orphaned, getting molested and dying, US senators spending the 4th of July in Moscow, the profound stupidity of Trump supporters, the deep state, Mueller indicting 12 Russian military officers, Trump and Putin meeting privately in Helsinki, Maria Butina getting arrested, the White House kicking reporters out of the White House, Paul Manafort being charged with 18 felonies, MAGA rallies getting crazier and more violent, attacks on the press getting more aggressive, reporters being threatened, CNN’s Jim Acosta walking out of a press briefing, Trump branding the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt and a hoax, deportations, security clearance revocations, Michael Cohen pleading guilty to 8 felonies, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort flipping, the National Enquirer’s David Pecker cooperating with the feds, the suspicious actions of Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul, the death of John McCain, 2 books about Trump and an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifying about how Brett Kavanaugh almost raped her and the Republicans sympathizing with Kavanaugh as the victim, and the the rage of women as misogyny in government and rape culture bursts open and is defended and protected by Republicans.

Treason Chronicles 7th Quarter 2018: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 October — December 2018

In this quarterly report: The New York Times publishes a 13 page story on tax evasion by the Trump family, Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed even though the public and the Democrats fiercely opposed him, protesters get labeled “mobs,” Native American voter suppression, black voter suppression, the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump and the Saudis cozying up to each other, Trump publicly declares himself a nationalist and then a MAGA Bomber sends bombs to Democrats soon after followed by a mass shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Trump sends troops to the border a week before the midterms to scare voters, blue wave for the midterm elections, historical win for women, Jeff Sessions resigned, CNN reporter Jim Acosta thrown out of White House and credentials stripped, mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, wildfires in California, Trump ordered the gassing of migrants at the border, Michael Cohen pleads guilty, Trump Tower Moscow, Jeffrey Epstein/Alexander Acosta scandal, the death of George H. W. Bush, Trump is identified as Individual 1 who directed Michael Cohen to commit crimes, John Kelly leaves the White House, Russian spy, Maria Butina pleads guilty and gives up information on the NRA linked to Russia, investigation into the Trump inauguration committee, 2 young children from Guatemala die in custody at the border, first use of word, “treason,” Trump pulls out of Syria on Twitter, General Mattis resigns and is then fired, Trump shuts down the government 3 days before Christmas.

Treason Chronicles 8th Quarter 2019: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 January — March 2019

Read about Congressman Brad Sherman of California introducing Articles of Impeachment, the 116th congress sworn in with 102 women in the House and Nancy Pelosi making history again as the first woman Speaker to be elected TWICE, new Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tells a crowd of supporters “We’re gonna impeach the mother fucker!”, the House passes HR1, the For The People Act, right away, Trump shuts down the government for 35 days and Mitch McConnell blocks votes to re-open it, unindicted co-conspirator Individual 1 nominates Bill Barr to be his attorney general to oversee the investigation into himself and is confirmed, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t invite Trump to make a State of the Union speech, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stops doing press briefings, Michael Cohen testifies, the White House refuses to cooperate with investigations, Roger Stone is arrested, extraordinary Democratic candidates start throwing their hats in the ring to run for president, the Democrats hold a Congressional hearing on climate change, the Dems introduce the New Green Deal, the House Dems pass the first bill on gun legislation in decades, HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, Trump declares national emergency then Congress denies him so he vetoes them, the talking point that Democrats and their doctors kill newborn babies rhetoric starts up, Paul Manafort gets a really light sentence, more evidence of Trump’s mental decline, Bob Mueller hands in his report to Barr a few weeks after he is confirmed but he won’t let anybody read it and then releases his own summary of the report to set up the public relations campaign to benefit Trump setting off another crisis — the corruption of the US Department of Justice.

Treason Chronicles 9th Quarter 2019: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (April — June 2019

In this quarterly report you will see the progression of the loss of control on the part of the Democrats who keep issuing empty threats to Trump’s sycophants who refuse to show up for hearings or honor subpoenas, Nancy Pelosi turns a blind eye and refused to do her constitutional duty, the Attorney General is a traitor, the Republicans pour gas on abortion and light it, and go full bore ahead into infanticide, southern states pass legislation to make abortion a crime, Kirstjen Nielsen gets fired, attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, scandals develop around Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, the redacted version of the Mueller Report is released and nobody reads it, the NRA implodes, Trump gets outed for losing $1 billion during the time he was writing The Art of the Deal book, Trump threatens to have Bill Barr investigate his political rivals, Congress refuses to check the president’s power, the state of New York closes in on Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stops giving press briefings, Freedom Party Republican Justin Amash calls for impeachment, Trump obstructs justice trying to keep Congress from investigating him for obstruction of justice, the Democrats turn their back on the Blue Wave, 1000 federal prosecutors sign on to a letter stating that if Trump were anybody else he would be indicted, Trump confesses on camera that he would commit crimes in order to be re-elected, Hope Hicks testifies but won’t answer any questions, Trump threatens war with Iran, the US keeps people in concentration camps, Trump attends the G20 and gets really chummy with Putin and MBS, further alienating the US from the rest of the world and showing loyalty to dictators, and Trump closed the quarter out with an impromptu trip to the DMZ to walk out on to North Korean soil and shake hands with the world’s most brutal dictator.

Treason Chronicles 10th Quarter 2019: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (July — September) 2019

In this report more representatives visit concentration camps, the first Republican member of Congress announces he’s leaving the Republican party, Trump ruins the 4th of July, Jeffrey Epstein is arrested on federal charges and commits suicide in jail which has people wondering if he was murdered and why, Trump’s labor secretary, Alex Acosta, resigns over his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, conditions in concentration camps are worsening and growing, more ICE raids and deportations, the House votes to censure the president for his racist remarks, Bob Mueller testifies, Trump makes racist attacks on 5 sitting members of congress, inciting violence and death threats, and then attacks the city of Baltimore as being an infestation that nobody would want to live in, more mass shootings including the deadliest terrorist attack on Hispanics in American history, Trump’s mental health in serious decline, the deepening silence and complicity of the Republican party, Trump profiting off of the military and using military aid to bribe the Ukrainian president, inviting the Taliban to Camp David during the anniversary week of 9/11, the Democrats finally toughen up and start an impeachment inquiry which prompts Trump to call for civil war.

Treason Chronicles 11th Quarter 2019: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (October— December) 2019

In this report Trump pulls troops out of Syria and lets Turkey in to kill the Kurds, Rudy Giuliani becomes a subject of a criminal investigation involving Ukraine and Trump, Nancy Pelosi stands up to Trump during a meeting in the White House and calls him out, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confesses to a quid pro quo on camera, a steady stream of civil servants privy to the quid pro quo testifiy before Congress in open hearings, Gordon Sondland throws everybody under the bus and admits that the whole motley crew was in the loop and all of the other witnesses testified that Trump is a mobster that used his power as president to try and shake down another country, Trump gets booed in public on TV, Roger Stone is convicted on all 7 counts, Republicans parrot Putin’s talking points and say that Trump was sent by God, Trump defies the chain of command to glorify and pardon war criminals and then uses the troops on Thanksgiving to film some footage for his 2020 campaign video, and then last but not least, the House votes to impeach Trump on 2 articles.

Treason Chronicles 12th Quarter 2020: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (January-March) 2020

In this report the quarter and new year opens with Trump assassinating top Iran military commander Qassem Suleimani, nearly starting WWIII, Iran shoots down a passenger airplane and kills all 176 on board, gangster Lev Parnas turns on his gang and throws them all under the bus, the Senate conducts a sham trial and doesn’t call any witnesses and then votes to acquit Trump, after Trump delivers the state of the union address Nancy Pelosi tears up his speech right behind his head and the next day the Senate acquits him, attorney general Bill Barr hands over power of the judicial branch to Trump, giving him control of all 3 branches of government, reigning in fascism, anyone who speaks out against Trump is punished, Roger Stone is sentenced to prison, and the coronavirus pandemic burns through the country because Trump lied about it’s existence, the seriousness of the disease, and how he’s managing it. The country is leaderless.

Treason Chronicles 13th Quarter 2020: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (April — June) 2020

In this quarterly report, Trump does daily press briefings (televised campaign rallies) to bullshit the public about how serious the pandemic is and what he’s doing about it, lying, lying, lying, about everything. The crisis is worsened exponentially by doctors and nurses being denied protective equipment like masks, gowns and gloves, states don’t have enough ventilators and the federal government won’t give them to them, Trump’s vindictiveness and incompetence is killing people by the thousands (the death toll surpassed the Vietnam War death toll in less than 2 months), organized groups of anti-stay at home orders protesters demonstrate at state capitols with guns and without masks to demand that governors open up for business at Trump’s request (“liberate” your states!), Trump commits quid pro quos with governors of blue states offering federal aid in exchange for changes in policies, giant corporations get PPE money and Steve Mnuchin won’t say who got it, Trump and his cronies keep blaming China for Trump getting people killed, the unemployment numbers surpass the Great Depression, Republicans want to keep the economy going and make people work because money means more to them than human life, identity politics is endangering lives and dividing people over safe health practices (masks are seen as weak liberal symbols by the MAGAs,) the federal response to the pandemic has been disastrous and states are left on their own to manage. The murder of George Floyd on camera by 4 cops sparks daily Black Lives Matter protests in every state in the nation and countries around the world by people of all races, ages and sexual orientation, peaceful protests turn violent when the militarized police and those posing as police turn on the people, looters and vandals were lumped in with protesters by the media, Trump, Bill Barr and the GOP, which inspired more people to hit the streets, Trump uses the military against Americans and orders them gassed and shot, US military generals start publicly condemning Trump, people demand change and get it with new legislation, confederate monuments are torn down, entertainment companies and sports organizations vow to change how they portray black lives, and cops who murder black people finally face justice.

Treason Chronicles 14th Quarter 2020: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (July — September) 2020

In this quarterly report, the American people learn that Russia put a bounty on US troops’ heads and Trump didn’t do anything about it, people continue to march in the streets for Black Lives Matter, more Black people are getting killed by the police and unidentified federal forces are being sent in to arrest protesters escalating violence, the coronavirus is out of control and is the #3 cause of death in America, Barack Obama calls Trump and the Republicans out, Trump’s Postmaster General creates chaos with the postal system to rig the election, Trump is under criminal investigation for bank and insurance fraud, back to school season is pure chaos with an out of control deadly pandemic, New York shuts the NRA down, Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris as his running mate, the Democratic and Republican national conventions go on without people, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s final report is released confirming Russia’s interference of Trump’s campaign, Steve Bannon is indicted for fraud for conning people into giving money to build Trump’s wall, tapes are released of Trump disrespecting the military and admitting he knew how contagious and deadly the coronavirus was back in February but he used his power to interfere in the handling of the pandemic to benefit himself and the Republicans politically, federal agencies are being exposed for breaking norms and laws to placate Trump, more people resign, Bill Barr gets more involved in protecting and campaigning for Trump, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and Trump appoints a new replacement before she is even buried, Trump announces that he won’t relinquish power and is going to contest the election if he loses, the New York Times reports that Trump doesn’t pay taxes, and the first presidential debate is a total disaster.

Treason Chronicles 15th Quarter 2020: Daily Crime Reports by Spike C. Dolomite ebook on Amazon for $3.99 (October — December 2020)

In this quarterly report, Trump contracts the coronavirus and is hospitalized, the disease runs through the West Wing and causes a national security crisis, the presidential 2020 debates are bizarre, Trump does MAGA rallies obsessively and people get sick, the coronavirus is the leading cause of death in America and America is #1 in the world for infections and deaths, ultra conservative Amy Coney Barrett is appointed to the Supreme Court without a single vote from Democrats a week before the presidential election, Joe Biden wins the presidential election and Trump refuses to concede and loses all of the lawsuits he filed in all of the states he lost in and then tries to overthrow the election with the help of Republicans bribing and threatening secretaries of state, the virus is out of control due to Republican rhetoric saying the plague is nothing to fear intensified by the public’s carelessness in gathering in big groups and traveling for the holidays, Trump starts pardoning loyalists, the vaccine for the coronavirus is released to market and Republicans who denied and spread the plague and their rich friends all cut in line ahead of health care workers to get it, Bill Barr resigns, and Russia hacked the government.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.