The Untouchables

Yesterday was a really bad day for the untouchables (rich people.) Elitist moms who attempted to buy their kids’ way into elitist colleges got arrested and Paul Manafort got sentenced to 3 ½ more years in jail PLUS he was indicted on criminal charges in New York for mortgage fraud, and more than a dozen other state felonies. He could get 25 more years in state prison.

Before she sentenced him, Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Manafort hid the truth of who he represented from policymakers and the public, and he behaved in a way that undermines our political discourse and infects our policy making. He’s guilty of conspiracy against the United States to commit bank fraud. She said,“Manafort is not Public Enemy Number One, but he is not a victim either………Court is one of those places where facts still matter.” She made sure that the record reflected that the trial and sentencing had nothing to do with Trump. It had nothing whatsoever to do with colluding with Russia. She said her sentence was not an indictment or an endorsement of the special counsel investigating Trump and Russia. She said it several different ways. The first thing Manafort’s attorney did was go outside and tell the press that the judge just said his client was vindicated and that there was no collusion. A blatant, flat out big fat lie that was called out as soon as he said it by the people who were waiting outside with “LIAR!!!!!!” over and over again so you couldn’t understand the rest of the bullshit that came out of his lying mouth. He did the same thing after the sentencing last week. No collusion! No collusion! Trump’s favorite talking point. No collusion! No collusion! In other words, “We’re looking for a pardon over here. Make Paul untouchable, please.”

Paul Manafort grew up with every advantage in life and instead of taking those advantages and doing something decent and honorable, he became a criminal. He’s led a life of decadence and privilege that was built on fraud. Since he was so unbelievably privileged he thought he was untouchable so he just kept on grabbing and lying and grabbing and lying. He committed crimes while on bail for other crimes. That’s how untouchable he thought he was.

Roger Stone goes in front of the judge today. He thinks he’s untouchable, too. He has to appear before the same judge that just sentenced Paul Manafort so this ought to be good.

Fox News thinks its untouchable. Not anymore. Protesters gathered out front of Fox News headquarters to greet Fox’s top advertisers as they went into the building to demand that they stop advertising. They were there for a major sales meeting. Fox News is bad for business!

Smart ass Untouchable Matt Whitaker testified in front of Congress again and this time, unlike his public testimony a few weeks ago, he didn’t deny that Trump called him to talk about Michael Cohen’s case nor did he deny that they talked about the SDNY campaign finance case. Trump wanted him to fire at least one US attorney and get another to recuse himself. Basically, he admitted that he perjured himself before Congress.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Republicans have regarded themselves as untouchable for 30 years. They think they can get away with anything, because they always have. Not anymore. The end of the road stops at a cliff. Everyone who hasn’t walked back yet to “retire” and “spend more time with their families” is going over that cliff.

Purdue, the untouchable pharmaceutical company that made billions selling OxyContin which got people so addicted they died is planning on going bankrupt to avoid pending lawsuits. Hey, just like the president! He’s untouchable too!

Trump relented and said ground the Boeing planes. Unwanted touch downs or planes falling out of the sky are bad for business.

MAGAs are untouchable because they think they’re so smart because Fox News tells them they are. They’re too dumb to know that they’re not smart.

“If we convince the Fox News crowd to protest the gender-neutral bathrooms in their own homes, we can totally get them to poop in the backyard” — The Hoarse Whisperer

Oh no, they touched it.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.