The Worst Americans

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJul 6, 2018


Trump was unhinged last night at a rabid racist rally in Montana. He went after 2 veterans at the end of their lives — sitting senator and former POW, John McCain, and former president George H.W. Bush. He laughed at them. The crowd laughed too. Then he challenged a sitting US senator, Elizabeth Warren, to a DNA test to prove she’s Native American calling her “Pocahontas.” They laughed at that too. “We have to do it gently because we’re in the Me Too generation,” said the man accused of 16 sexual assaults. He openly mocked the Me Too movement and the crowd roared with laughter, even the women. He mocked the 4 men who have accused Congressman Jim Jordan of covering for a serial sexual predator saying that he doesn’t believe them at all. If he doesn’t believe them, the crowd won’t believe them either which is the whole point. He does these rallies to tell the worst Americans what to think. That, and he’s a needy, pathetic loser who can never get enough attention.

Blonde white kids were interviewed wearing red Trump t-shirts and MAGA hats, waving flags. They said they wanted the wall because Mexicans are overpopulating us.

“I’m not supposed to look down on the people who just cheered on an hour of a nominally GOP president’s anti-Western, pro-Russian, pro-Chinese, anti-trade, fact-free tirade (including the bonus mocking of George H.W. Bush). I’d like to know how I’m not supposed to do that” — Tom Nichols

Trump is backed up in a corner, a wounded animal, desperately throwing out bloody hunks of raw meat to the worst Americans, in an attempt to insulate and save himself from what’s about to break.

He’s doing more and more rallies.

The Trump administration is desperately ramping up its efforts to rid America of brown people to appease the worst Americans — racists who are so numb, dumb and lazy that they never vote. They need those votes. Or they can’t win.

The Trump administration has stolen babies and children and destroyed records so that they can’t be returned to their parents. They are telling the children that their parents abandoned them. They’re telling parents that their children have been adopted by someone else and that this is what happens when you try to come here — we’ll take your children. Go back to your countries and tell everybody what happened to you so people will stop coming here. This is what the worst Americans want.

The Republicans are silent.

Jim Jordan says his accusers are lying. The accusations that former students have made about him when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University that say he didn’t report sexual assault by Dr. Richard Strauss is just another faction of the deep state. Jim Jordan says he’s a target of the deep state. The deep state that he made up.

Former wrestler Mike DiSabato estimates that Dr. Strauss sexually assaulted 1,500 to 2,000 athletes. He’d show up after practice to shower with the boys in the afternoon, sometimes for an hour. He wasn’t alone. Other school officials would show up to shower with the team, too — university professors, administrators and others. Mike DiSabato said it was like walking through “the gauntlet of sexual deviancy.”

Republican hypocrite history fun fact: Former Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert, was a wrestling coach too. He raped some of his players and went to jail for it. He’s out now. He can’t be alone with anyone who is under 18.

Trump gave another Fox News buddy a job in the White House — Bill Shine, Roger Ailes’ former protégé. He protected and covered for Ailes when he was accused of sexual harassment. In your face, Me Too. The fourth White House communications director is Me, Not You.

Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. He says he quit because people were picking on him. In his resignation letter to Trump he said he believed that he was called by God to serve him, who was also called by God. Pruitt is resigning with 14 open investigations on him. Pruitt is the most corrupt cabinet member in history and the Republicans have let him slide.

The Republicans have let Trump slide.

The Republicans have let Putin slide.

The Republicans have let America slip and slide right out of the founding fathers’ hands.

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ACTION ITEM FOR TODAY: Demand that Jim Jordan resign.



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