They Can’t Win IF WE ALL VOTE

Spike Dolomite
5 min readApr 22, 2022


And two more New York Times journalists have written a book, “This Will Not Pass” by national political correspondents Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin. It comes out next week. In it Kevin McCarthy is on tape before the 2016 election saying he believed that Putin pays Trump. He was also furious with Trump for inciting the insurrection. McCarthy issued a statement as soon as the book was announced denying saying what he said. Hours later the authors released proof he said what they said he said — an audio recording of a private conversation he had with Liz Cheney a few days after the attack on the Capitol in which he says he was planning on asking Trump to resign before Congress impeached him which he was sure of happening at the time, proving a few things we already know: Kevin McCarthy is liar who cares more about his own power and the power of the Republican party than he does about the country.

The authors have more tapes of intimate conversations that they plan on making public.

After having a candid conversation with Liz Cheney about the 25th amendment, impeachment and resignation, he threw her under the bus for saying the same thing publicly that he said to her privately. To make matters worse, he has done nothing to control one of his sedition caucus members, Marjorie Taylor Greene, which has only empowered her to spread more conspiracy theories, slander members of Congress, and encourage her QAnon cult followers to seek more violence against the government. She’s on trial today. Her re-election campaign is being challenged because it violates the 14th Amendment which says you can’t run for office if you’ve participated in an insurrection.

The book, “This Will Not Pass” also talks about how both GOP leaders, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell were furious with Trump after the attack. They both wanted to see him impeached and were confident that he would be. Mitch McConnell said, “If this isn’t impeachable I don’t what is……… The Democrats are going to take care of the son of a bitch for us.”

It didn’t take long for both McCarthy and McConnell to walk their comments back and not only not vote to impeach, but go back to kissing up to Trump. Party before country, AT ALL COSTS.

Soon after he told Liz Cheney he was going to ask Trump to resign, he was at Mar-a-Lago doing the thumbs up and getting his picture taken with Trump.

McCarthy also said he wished that Twitter would kick the far right extremists of his party off like they did Trump. He denies that too. That’s going to get him in big trouble with the Trumpers, Freedom Caucus members and QAnon weirdos who he has been pandering to in hopes that they’ll vote for him for Speaker if voters are stupid enough to vote for Republicans in November and they take back the House. He can’t play all sides anymore which paves the way for Jim Jordan to be Speaker (if he’s not arrested and thrown in jail before then for being part of the coup.) If that happens, Congress will be a total shit show. Not only will nothing happen insofar as legislation goes, but Jim Jordan could finish what Trump started in destroying the legislative branch of government.

A judge ruled that voters can challenge Marjorie Taylor Greene’s run for re-election and the televised hearing is happening right now. After she testifies about what she did on January 6, Kevin McCarthy’s day is going to get even worse.

Alex Jones is flipping. He offered to tell the DOJ what he knows in exchange for immunity. He may not get the sweet deal he’s expecting because the DOJ has brought in top prosecutor Thomas Windom. He’s notorious for catching really big fish.

Trump loving Senator Mike Lee has refused to answer any questions from the press about his texts to Mark Meadows regarding the coup. The other senator from Utah, Mitt Romney has distanced himself from him. It won’t hurt him with Republicans in Utah, though. He’s a rock star. Like Trump, he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue (try and overtake the government) and he won’t lose any voters.

Florida passed a bill that takes Disney World’s status that it’s had since 1967 as an independent city away because they didn’t support Governor Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Picking this fight out of spite as if he was Trump himself is a really stupid move. He’s acting like a dictator. The Republican party is supposed to be pro-business and pro-limited government. He has personally sought revenge on a multi-billion dollar corporation that has made Florida a tourist destination. It generates $5 billion in taxes for the state annually and brings 50 million people to Florida every year who spend a lot of money beyond Disney World while they’re in town. Now that Disney World won’t be its own city, 2 counties will have to pick up the tab for $163 million that Disney spends a year for fire, police, sewage, etc. Property taxes could go up $2,000 a year. They’ll also be stuck with $2 billion in debt for the bonds Disney sold investors and $1 billion in debt.

They tried to take over the government, they lied and protected those who tried to take over the government, they support Trump and ignore the extremists in their party, they have added trillions of dollars to our debt (the debt went up 36% under Trump — $7.8 trillion,) they’ve packed the courts with corrupt and inept conservative judges, taken rights away from citizens and criminalized abortion and the parenting of transgender children, they’ve demonized the free press, banned books, let people die from a deadly virus, pitted Americans against one another, and they’re destroying democracy and going after private businesses and PEOPLE WILL STILL VOTE FOR THEM but they can’t win if all registered Democrats vote.

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