They Tried to Kill Nancy Pelosi Again

Spike Dolomite
4 min readOct 31, 2022

The man who attacked Paul Pelosi was looking for Nancy. He broke into the home with a hammer and zip ties, screaming, “Where’s Nancy! Where’s Nancy!” He beat him with a hammer. Paul Pelosi underwent brain surgery and is expected to recover. The MAGA who attempted to assassinate the Speaker of the House will be charged with attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, burglary and several additional felonies. The 42 year old right-wing extremist is a blogger who denies climate change and the Holocaust, hates on transgender people and anybody who isn’t white, made mad claims about pedophiles, spread 2020 election conspiracy theories and lies about COVID, and hatred of Democrats and the Select Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol where his comrades stormed through the halls screaming, “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy!”

He had a hit list with other targets.

The MAGA assassin is a typical deranged white supremacist that the GOP is beholden to.

Because these people are deranged, the Republicans have been able to convince them that Nancy Pelosi is THE villain of the Democrats, without caring about what the violent consequences of that label could ultimately lead to. Most of these brain washed idiots couldn’t answer what the Speaker of the House’s job is or what her record is if they were singled out and asked. They just know that they hate Nancy. Fox News, right wing media, the internet and Republicans did this.

Because she has been demonized by the Republicans to the extent that their voters would actually killer her, Nancy has high security detail but her husband doesn’t. None of the spouses of members of Congress do and they’re terrified.

People think that members of Congress have security. They don’t. The few who do, like Ted Cruz, pay for it themselves. The guy who threatened to kill Congressman Eric Swalwell and his staff, Joshua Hall, just pleaded guilty.

A man breaking into the Speaker’s house to assassinate her and then nearly killing her husband was not front page news on every paper or on every news channel all day because the media has normalized threats and violence. The New York Times put the attempted assassination of the United States Speaker of the House below the fold. Trump and the Republicans have succeeded in getting people to passively accept fascist violence, another sign that democracy is slipping away.

“If Paul Pelosi had his own email server it would be the entire front page of the NY Times but he just got beat with a hammer by a right-wing home invader looking for the Speaker of the House so that’s a below-the-fold story.” — Jamison Foser

Did Republicans denounce the attack and tell their followers to knock it off? No. As a result, hateful rhetoric revved up on social media. MAGAs called the attack “staged.” They made fun of him. They dismissed it as an attack by an illegal immigrant. They spread rumors like he was beaten by a male prostitute because it happened in the middle of the night when he was in his underwear.

Former member of Congress Devin Nunes posted a Halloween decoration of a bloody monster holding a wooden mallet, “At least this guy has his clothes on.”

MAGA Republican congressman from Louisiana and a promoter of conspiracy theories and violence, Clay Higgins, tweeted out an unflattering picture of Nancy Pelosi. “That moment you realize the nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason why your husband didn’t make it to your fundraiser.”

Fox News has spent the day pushing the GOP’s midterm message that crime is random and could strike at any moment which is what happened to Nancy Pelosi. They attacked the White House for not attacking all of other attacks that have involved hammers. They blamed mental health and California’s crime laws. Jesse Watters said the guy would most likely be released from jail since Democrats are soft on crime.

Former Newsmax host John Carrillo tweeted: I’m gonna say it. I couldn’t care less what happens to Paul Pelosi.

TX Congressman Michael McCaul used it to promote the GOP’s ’talking point “high crime” and went on Fox to say, “When you let dangerous criminals out on the streets with bail and not put them in prison, you’re asking for this incident to happen.”

Ohio state rep Mike Loychik tweeted: I hope San Francisco dispatched their very best social worker to respond to the brutal assault of Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

MAGA gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake blamed “leftist elected officials” for the attack.

Virginia’s MAGA governor, Glenn Youngkin, joked on stage at a campaign event that Republicans were going to send Nancy back to California to be with her husband.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel did something similar. She made light of an assassination attempt that had just happened by saying at another campaign event in Ohio, “Are you ready to fire Nancy Pelosi?”

The day before the assassination attempt, Margorie Taylor Greene tweeted: Just wait until tomorrow.

Mitch McConnell condemned the attack, but not Kevin McCarthy. He wants to be the next Speaker of the House so he has demonized Nancy more than the rest of them. He is on record for saying, “I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel. It will be hard not to hit her with it.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a leader of a foreign country, made a statement about the attack before the House Minority Leader.

If Kevin McCarthy had done the right thing and stuck with condemning Trump for the attack on the Capitol the attack on Nancy Pelosi may very well have been abated. Kevin McCarthy owns this.

January 6 isn’t over. They tried to kill Nancy Pelosi again.



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