Trump tweeted: Hope everybody is watching OANN right now. Other media afraid to show. People are coming forward like never before. Large truck carrying hundreds of thousands of fraudulent (FAKE) ballots to a voting center? TERRIBLE — SAVE AMERICA!

Newly pardoned Mike Flynn has called on Trump to declare martial law and suspend the constitution, then have the military hold a new election. This has to stop.

Things are getting very dangerous. This has to stop.

One of Trump’s sleazy mob campaign attorneys, Joe diGenova, said publicly that former DHS official Chris Krebs who Trump fired for not being loyal should be shot by firing squad. This has to stop.

Finally, a Republican in his official capacity as a government employee has called out his own party in a big way and told them that the rhetoric HAS TO STOP. Gabriel Sterling, the conservative Voting System Implementation Manager for Georgia who works for the Secretary of State called a press conference and gave the GOP what for. He said that the Secretary of State and his wife are getting death threats as well as various employees who are just trying to do their jobs and it’s all because of Trump and the Republicans insisting that there has been voter fraud in Georgia. He himself has had to hire security to protect himself and his family. He was PISSED. “Mr. President, senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions. This has to stop! We need you to step up — and if you’re going to take a position of leadership, show some. My boss, Secretary Raffensberger, his address is out there. They have people doing caravans in front of their house. They’ve had people come onto their property. Tricia, his wife of 40 years, is getting sexualized threats through her cell phone. It has to stop…..elections…… is the backbone of democracy, and all of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this. It’s too much. Yes, fight for every legal vote. Go through your due process. We encourage you. Use your First Amendment. That’s fine. Death threats, physical threats, intimidation, it’s too much. It’s not right. They’ve lost the moral high ground to claim that it is. I don’t have all the best words to do this because I’m angry. And the straw that broke the camel’s back today is, again, this 20-year-old contractor for a voting-system company just trying to do his job…..his family’s getting harassed now. There’s a noose out there with his name on it, and it’s just not right. This kid took a job. He just took a job. It’s just wrong. I can’t begin to explain the level of anger I have right now over this.”

This has to stop.

Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, called the Republicans out for setting MAGAs up and keeping chaos alive, “There are those exploiting the emotions of many Trump supporters with fantastic claims, half-truths, misinformation, and, frankly, they are misleading the president as well.”

This has to stop.

A couple of hours after Bill Barr said there was no evidence of election fraud he was summoned to the White House. Nobody knows yet what happened in there but Don the Con undoubtedly gave him what for and told him he better stop.

Lou Dobbs accused Bill Barr of being “compromised” by “the Deep State.”

News that Trump will be pardoning a bunch of people broke after Sean Hannity said on his show that Trump should pardon himself and his family. It’s starting to come out that Trump would tell people to break the law and promise them that he’d just pardon them if they got caught. He has also taken cash bribes to pardon people. The White House is a crime syndicate. It’s been pay to play from the very beginning, starting with him taking donations from foreign governments and lobbyists for his inauguration slush fund. Corruption runs throughout the entire administration. The chief judge of the DC District Court unsealed a 20 page document from August of an investigation of various people who have been promised pardons. The judge probably made it public now before Trump started pardoning people so the public would know what was up. 50 devices have been seized. Pages 4–11 have been totally redacted.

Trump plans on pardoning Rudy Giuliani, Jared, Ivanka, Eric and Junior even though they haven’t been charged with anything yet. He’s going to say he’s protecting them from a witch hunt. This has to stop.

49 days until Trump can be stopped.

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