This is War

The Civil War never really ended. Abraham Lincoln didn’t end slavery and Martin Luther King didn’t end racism. It’s not over.

Republicans are upholding white supremacy by placating racist voters, looking the other way when white supremacist domestic terrorists attack, gerrymandering districts, defending the filibuster, making laws that keep people of color from voting, and propping Trump up to make him and his cult followers think he’s Robert E. Lee.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6 was a declaration of war. White supremacists are out and proud now and they’re not going anywhere, led by Robert E. Trump.

White supremacist domestic terrorists are America’s greatest threat. They are the enemy within and many of them walk the halls of power and make laws. They are on a mission. America is for them and them ONLY.

Civil War Part 2 — Right v Left/South v North. Republicans are the superior white race defending a plantation economy and the Democrats are everybody else.

“With every passing day, it looks less like we have one nation divided by differing political beliefs and more like we have two warring countries battling each other within shared borders. One side represents and seeks to preserve the United States. The other seeks to destroy it.” — David Rothkopf

White hoods have been replaced with red hats.

There were red hats in both the House and the Senate supporting the red hats outside the Capitol on January 6. They are seditionists and would have been expelled in the good old days. 15 members have been expelled in the history of the Senate, almost all for supporting the Confederacy. Nowadays the insurrectionists are out and proud and not much can be done about them because nothing like this has ever happened before so the Department of Justice doesn’t know what to do with them, plus they’re protected by the filibuster. Minority white man rules. As it should be, right? RIGHT? Right v. Left.

After the Framers died, the filibuster was created by white supremacists to protect slave owners against the abolitionists. It is literally a racist tool to keep white men and everything that goes with them on top. It was resurrected by Mitch McConnell in 2007 when he was Senate Minority Leader. When he became House Majority Leader in 2016 he set about using all of his power to stop the first Black President from being president (na-na, he succeeded anyway.) He blocked everything that the Democrats tried to do and he’s still doing it. All because of the filibuster.

“Even an armed insurrection isn’t enough to persuade 10 Republicans to seek bipartisanship so nuke the filibuster and let’s get to work.” — Brian Tyler Cohen

And then there is the Supreme Court. It gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013 which removed the protections that were in place to protect people of color, letting the confederate states (and some northern states with Republican governors and legislatures) create laws that stop people of color from voting. They’re doing this because the GOP is a white supremacist party. If people who aren’t white can’t vote, then that increases their chances of winning. Restricting the vote and cheating almost guarantees they win. They gerrymander districts. They close polling places. They purge voters from rolls. They make voters wait in line all day. They block voter registration drives. They reject ballots. And then when they win they make laws that make life even harder for everybody else and look the other way when their rights are taken away, beaten and killed. The GOP is a terrorist group.

It’s never been about the economy for white men who fear losing everything they think they should have. It’s about entitlement. Trump convinced these guys that they were oppressed and that immigrants, Black people, and Democrats were to blame and they bought it. He made them believe that he saw them and actually cared about them when in fact he loathed them and couldn’t bare to shake hands with them at his MAGA rallies because he thought they were all gross. Trump was just what the GOP was looking for — he came along to finish the Civil War so the GOP could keep everybody in their place, but he untittingly exposed the Confederates and set them up to lose the war not by taking up arms like they always fantasized about, but by making it so they’d kill themselves with covid.

Trump may be a fuck up but as long as the Republicans can keep their base convinced that he’s the rightful president and that he will return, they can keep the plantation economy in place. Democrats! Nuke the filibuster so ALL citizens have fair representation! Both the filibuster and the electoral college over represent white people. The great American experiment must prevail! Protect the filibuster or protect the right to vote. It’s one or the other!

Democracy is the greatest threat to white supremacy and white supremacy is a threat to democracy.

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery on this date, September 17, 1849. Celebrate by doing something to right the wrongs of slavery today. Black people are still being lynched and the red hats are still terrorizing communities of color. Fix that. Let’s win this war.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.