Another help wanted sign went up in front of the White House but nobody wants to be Chief of Staff. Who would want to be the ring master of a chaotic lawless big top with incompetent clowns running around like loose five year olds with an endless supply of tokens and sugar and no parents? Trump can’t even get 2 current staff members to do it. Mick Mulvaney and Steve Mnuchin both said no. The president of the New York Yankees isn’t interested either.

The US government is a three ring circus. Ring #1 is Trump, ring #2 are the Republicans, and ring #3 is the law which will hopefully get us out of this mess.

Trump says people are busting down his door to join the circus, I mean, cough cough, get to work for the most powerful man in the world. In fact, he tweeted about it: Fake News has it purposely wrong. Many, over ten, are vying for and wanting the White House Chief of Staff position. Why wouldn’t someone want one of the truly great and meaningful jobs in Washington. Please report news correctly. Thank you!

The chiefs of staff for both the president and vice president are leaving the White House at the same time in a couple of weeks, just in time for a new Congress to be sworn in and Bob Mueller to start arresting circus clowns.

Speaking of the vice president’s chief of staff, how is 36 year old Nick Ayers worth $54,000,000? Because Republican “political consultants” scalp tickets to the circus.

Jared went on Sean Hannity’s show to push for criminal justice reform. He wants to make things better for himself before he goes to jail. What does prison reform mean to filthy rich white boys? Room service? Private rooms? Free wi-fi? Hookers?

Trump met with Barnum Chuck and Bailey Nancy this morning. Nancy gave Trump a little lesson on how legislation is supposed to work. Trump interrupted her and tried to tell her that he knew more about counting votes in the House than she does. “If I needed the votes for the wall in the house, I would have them in one session. It would be done.” To that, Pelosi rolled her eyes, exhaled, cracked the whip and replied, “So go do it.”

Mike Pence sat there like he usually does, totally useless and feigning sincerity. He lost his job as ticket taker for the circus so all he does now is sit in the front row and look interested.

Steve Schmidt says Mike Pence acts like he’s the house butler at Mar-a-Lago.

44 former Senators wrote an op-ed, warning Congress and the American public: “At other critical moments in our history, when constitutional crises have threatened our foundations, it has been the Senate that has stood in defense of our democracy. Today is once again such a time.”

This bipartisan letter is a remarkable and historic document and is directed to all incumbents and in particular the elephant man, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Before the live coverage of him with Barnum Chuck and Bailey Nancy, Trump tweeted: Despite the large Caravans that WERE forming and heading to our Country, people have not been able to get through our newly built Walls, makeshift Walls & Fences, or Border Patrol Officers & Military. They are now staying in Mexico or going back to their original countries…….

Trump says a portion of his wall has already been built. No it hasn’t. That can be easily proven if you went to the border and saw for yourself. MAGAs don’t need to go to the border to see anything for themselves. If the Greatest Show on Earth’s human cannon ball says there’s a wall, there’s a wall.

Russian spy Maria Butina flipping is a huge deal. She’s been locked up in a cage, away from the rest of the circus performers, in solitary confinement. She can’t have any visitors BECAUSE SHE’S A RUSSIAN SPY. Maria Butina the tight rope walker is going to blow the whistle on the NRA and the Republicans. They have been cooperating with the Russians.

Putin says he’s never heard of Maria Butina.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Russian Federation, the central government institution charged with leading the foreign policy and foreign relations of Russia, has a photo of Maria Butina with the hashtag #freemariabutina as their profile picture on Twitter.

Putin knows who Maria Butina is.

Election interference is an act of war.

The framers of the Constitution feared a president that would succumb to self-dealing and/or foreign influence.

Trump has done both.

On with the show.

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