Treasonous Spies

The 38 page redacted affidavit has been released. Trump is a spy who has either been sharing top secret information with our enemies because he was bribed or he has been selling it. He took 67 “confidential” documents, 92 “secret” documents, and 25 “top secret” documents with him when he left the White House. Documents were found in his bedroom, office, and an unlocked storage room. They were thrown haphazardly into boxes along with junk mail, take out menus and other crap. Some had handwritten notes on them, scribbled in Trump’s distinctive handwriting.

The affidavit mentioned that foreign governments bought memberships to gain access into Mar-a-Lago. It also said that the FBI had to redact names of a “significant number of civilian witnesses” to protect their identities so they wouldn’t stop cooperating or flee. Worse, they are keeping them secret because they could be harmed or killed. They could be anybody from employees, family members, or club members. The FBI has yet to identify all potential criminal accomplices so redactions are vital. If their identities are revealed, they could destroy evidence, alert other people involved in the crimes, leave the country, or throw the feds off by changing their behavior.

The feds also need to protect the identities of the spies we have working abroad. Trump has put them all in danger. Trump took intelligence documents with the names of informants and CIA operatives. Some may have already been killed or have mysteriously disappeared. Last year, the CIA warned its stations about “a troubling number of informants being captured or killed.”

Stealing top secret information and giving it to our enemies could have been going on throughout his entire presidency. His former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, said Trump would regularly take boxes of documents around the world with him for no reason. The president of the United States was and is a traitor to the country.

Some of what Trump took is so top secret that it can’t be prosecuted because that would endanger operatives. Their identities must remain secret. They’re in danger now and the US has got to get them out of wherever they are.

The national defense information that they found is information that protects our troops. Why did he take them? Given that he regarded the military as suckers and losers, and that he tried to trade military aid with Ukraine to get dirt on Biden, his motives must be evil.

Not a word from the Republicans. They are going to start saying they haven’t read the redacted affidavit plus people don’t care about this stuff so let’s move on, just like they did with Russiagate and the failed coup.

Trump’s former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, is blowing it all off by saying it’s only documents! What’s the big deal? The FBI raided Trump’s home for documents? This is DOJ and FBI overreach!

Blaming the DOJ for setting Trump up or abusing its power isn’t working. The “party of law and order” that blamed the FBI for the deep state and sided with the insurrectionists over the cops who were beaten and killed while protecting them on January 6, is trying to claim now that they are setting Trump up for taking top secrets.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley said if Trump is prosecuted there will be riots in the streets. Is that a threat? Both of them are in serious trouble for their roles in the insurrection. The clock is running out on them, too.

Republicans don’t care if our national security is compromised. They don’t care if human assets in other countries are exposed and killed. They don’t care about the safety of patriots who have come forward to do the right thing. The Republicans don’t care about the lives of loyal Americans any more than they care about America. None of them can be trusted. Many of them could be spies too.



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