Trump Covid Superspreader This Way

14 year old Barron Trump had the Trump Plague. Trump told the MAGA crowd about it last night in Iowa. “Barron Trump. You know, he had, he had the Corona 19. The China virus. It’s got 21 different names. I could go over it. But to me, corona means Italy. China is China. And it came from China. So he had the China virus. Right?” He complained about turning on the TV wanting to hear about getting the Nobel Peace Prize but having to hear about floods in Iowa and hurricanes in Florida instead. He bitched about floods in Iowa taking attention away from him while begging for attention in Iowa, a state he needs to win along with Florida. He threw his tie into the crowd. Take it off! Woo hoo! Take it off! Outside of the event was a huge billboard that read, “Trump Covid Superspreader Event.” Dangerous despot and deadly plague right this way!

Today is the last day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. They have been nothing more than a fixed formality. She and the Republicans both know that they have the votes to confirm her so it doesn’t matter how good of a job the Democrats have done showing the country how rigged the process has been and how unqualified she is for the job. The fix is in. She blew off answering Democrats’ questions. Nobody else could get away with not answering questions during a job interview and then get the job.

“Watching some of the Supreme Court hearing it reminds me of someone performing badly at an interview and not knowing the basics of the job, but sitting there smiling because their father owns the company.” — Stu Cameron

Amy Coney Barrett refused to admit that a president can’t delay an election or pardon himself. She wouldn’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power. She won’t say that voter intimidation is illegal. She wouldn’t say if she believes climate change is real. She refused to condemn the Trump administration for separating immigrant children from their families at the border. She was unable to name the 5 freedoms protected under the First Amendment. She couldn’t name the freedom to protest the government.

Over 9,000 members of Amy Coney Barrett’s sorority have signed a petition denouncing her corrupt nomination.

Lindsey Graham, sitting all high and mighty on his fixed throne during the hearing said to Amy Comey Barrett, “You’re not aware of any effort to go back to the good old days of segregation by a legislative body, is that correct?” People were horrified that he said that but he brushed it off and said they couldn’t take a joke.

Lindsey Graham is using his position as Senate Judiciary Chair to fundraise for his campaign. When answering questions by the press yesterday about the hearing he said, “I think people in South Carolina are excited about Judge Barrett. I don’t know how much it affected fundraising today, but if you want to help me close the gap — I think the contest in South Carolina has taken on sort of a national profile.”

It’s a Lindsey Graham for Senate telethon over at Fox News. Lindsey goes on every day and begs for money. Last night he said “They hate my guts” and “My opponent has raised 57 million dollars. The most in the history of the US Senate because they want to take me out. Help me close the gap.”

8 million people have slipped into poverty since May. Over 25 million are currently on unemployment. The Republicans think this is funny. Americans don’t get the joke.

Once Amy Comey Barrett takes her seat on the Supreme Court, she could very likely be the deciding vote to kill the Affordable Care Act forever leaving all of the people who have recovered from the coronavirus who are living with long term complications such as scarred lungs and heart damage without health insurance because they have pre-existing conditions.

A day after his wife tested positive for the Trump Plague Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia turned up positive too. He’s been all over the place infecting other people. What’s the matter? Can’t you take a joke?

Press Secretary Barbie, who is home with The Plague, got kicked off of Twitter for posting fake news. She is outraged! She went on Fox News and called it censorship in favor of the party that Silicon Valley prefers. What a joke.

15 million people have already voted. By comparison, just under 1 million had voted in 2016 and 2.3 million in 2008 at the same time before the election. Over 1.5 million vote by mail ballots have already been returned by California voters. Approximately 150,000 ballots were returned at the same point in 2016. In Harris County, Texas, 287,531 people voted during the first 2 days of early voting. There are 2.4 million registered voters in Harris County. That’s 12% of registered voters. It’s unpresidented. California and Texas can’t take the joke anymore.

Since most of the people standing in line to vote early are wearing masks, it’s safe to conclude that they’re Democrats. MAGAs won’t wear a mask as a symbol of their loyalty to their master. They’re going to vote on election day without masks to make some sort of demented, desperate, despot point.

Trump Covid Superspreader right this way, jokers!

19 days until election day.

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