Trump Mania

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Trump is bullet proof. His supporters are knobs. Empty headed, star struck, gullible knobs.

Everybody was packing at the Las Vegas concert. Nevada is an open carry state. YOU DON’T NEED A PERMIT! The crowd was country western fans who love their guns. There was lots of armed security. Guns were everywhere. Thousands of good guys with guns couldn’t take the shooter out. The good guy ended up being a guy without a gun. His name is Jesus Campos — an unarmed security guard at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. He heard the shots and knocked on the shooter’s door. He got shot in the thigh through the door. After he got shot, he went from room to room, with a bullet in his leg, to direct hotel guests to safety. He was alone and unarmed — the real hero in this story. The SWAT team showed up awhile later, after the shooter had shot himself. So shut up all of you gun nuts who think you’re so tough and smart. You’re not. You are delusional and dangerous.

In 2015, 13,286 people were killed in the US by guns. Only 268 were self defense. 489 people who were shot and killed were “accidents,” 141 of them were kids. 26,819 people were injured. More guns means less safety. Duh.

Mueller has taken over the dossier investigation. He interviewed Christopher Steele over the summer. Trump dismisses it as nothing. Um, no.

Republican Richard Burr of the Senate Intelligence Committee says they have hit a wall with the Steele Dossier because Christopher Steele won’t talk to them. Um, no.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, chair of the Judiciary Committee, says the Steele Dossier is an empty scandal. Um, no.

Former Homeland Security Secretary and Chief of Staff, John Kelly, learned that his personal cell phone has been compromised since December. It was externally breached. Hackers may have heard and seen everything John Kelly did as both head of national security and head of White House staff. The White House has known this for awhile. Um, what?

Jared Kushner has been conducting official business through his private email account and everybody knows it.

The knobs still say, “Ya but what about Hillary’s emails?”

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Gun violence survivor Congressman Steve Scalise will be speaking at the Values Voter Summit next week. The Values Voter Summit is run by the anti-gay lobbying group, the Family Research Council. The police officer who saved his life and got shot in the line of duty is a lesbian. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Family Research Council as a hate group in 2010. Other speakers are: Steve Bannon, Ben Carson, Sebastian Gorka, Laura Ingraham, Dana Loesch, Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell, Tony Perkins, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, Trump, and that Duck Dynasty guy who doesn’t bathe.

Steve Scalise says it’s too early to talk about guns. HE GOT SHOT!

Retiring senator, Bob Corker, says that the Secretary of State should separate our country from chaos. We’re sitting ducks.

Donald Trump is going to pull us out of the Iran deal next week. We’re hated sitting ducks.

27 psychiatrists wrote a book, The Dangerous Pace of Donald Trump, which warns us that Donald Trump is manic. He doesn’t sleep, he’s impulsive, he has erratic speaking patterns, he can’t be contained, he has inflated self esteem, is aggressive, and has an abnormal compulsion to offer advice on things he knows nothing about. Plus he’s a big fat liar. He lies about everything. The editor of the book, Dr. Bandy Lee, said they did this to warn us about how much danger we are in. Psychiatrists have a duty to warn when the public’s health is at risk.

Trump is emotionally driven, not intellectually driven. He expects loyalty without giving it. Would he push the button in an emotionally charged act of vengeance? Yes. Yes he would.

Trump referred to the many military personnel who had dinner with him last night as the calm before the storm. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Three secretaries have formed a suicide pact: Rex Tillerson, Jim Mattis and Steve Mnuchin. If one of them is fired, they’re all resigning.

A 71 year old, name calling, cry baby could fire the Secretary of State for calling him a name.

The president is a mean girl. A manic mean girl.