Trump’s Pecker is up

Spike Dolomite
4 min readApr 22, 2024

Finally! Trump’s first criminal trial starts today! The first witness is David Pecker which is the perfect choice. He was the CEO of American Media which owns the National Enquirer and the keeper of the vault that holds compromising information on celebrities and politicians. The National Enquirer has been digging up dirt on famous people for decades. What they don’t publish, they cash in on by not publishing what they find out by bribing their victims. David Pecker and Trump have been buddies for decades. He knows where a bunch of bodies are buried — they’re buried in the National Enquirer’s vault.

Prosecutors know exactly what Pecker is going to say because he has already testified to the Grand Jury and has been cooperating with investigators for years. That’s why Trump doesn’t ever attack him like he does everybody else. Pecker has a lot of dirt on Trump. He cooperated with Bob Mueller back in the old days when all everybody was worried about was Trump being a Russian asset. He got a non-prosecution agreement from the Southern District of New York 5 years ago when they tried to prosecute this case the first time and Bill Barr intervened.

David Pecker can confirm that Michael Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels off because he was part of the scheme. He, Cohen and Trump met in Trump Tower in 2016 and decided that the National Enquirer would be on the look out for any bad stories about Trump then offer to buy the exclusive rights to stories but never publish them. Trump would reimburse the National Enquirer. Pecker has been doing this for Trump for decades. Before there was social media, there was the National Enquirer. Trump was on the cover all the time because he and Pecker were in cahoots. Trump would approve layouts of the trashy tabloid before they went to press. He would would reimburse the tabloid for catch and kill stories. He didn’t reimburse Pecker for the Stormy Daniels story like he said he would so Michael Cohen took care of it, using his own home line of credit. He billed the Trump Organization for legal services to get paid back, hiding the hush money payment and giving Trump a business expense at the same time.

Could it be all that all of women who have accused Trump of sexual assault are in the National Enquirer’s vault? Katie Johnson came forward when Trump announced his run for president to tell her story. On June 20, 2016, she filed a formal complaint with the Southern District of New York alleging she was raped by Trump and Jeffrey Epstein when she was 13 at several parties during the summer of 1994. She was lured into going to the parties with the promise of helping her with a modeling career. On the fourth and final time that she went, according to the affidavit, Trump tied her to a bed, raped her, hit her with an open hand, and threatened to kill her and her family if she ever told anybody. Epstein did the same thing but he sodomized her too. She was a virgin. After it was over Epstein continued to threaten her and her family with harm or death. Trump told her she could end up like Maria if she ever told anybody. Maria was a 12 year old child who disappeared. Ghislaine Maxwell confessed that she was there for all of what is in the complaint and more. Katie Johnson wanted trial by jury but then a few months before the November 2016 election Trump had David Pecker publish that she was a liar. As a result of the slander, she got death threats so she dropped the case and nobody heard from her again.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, MBS, had a financial relationship with Trump and David Pecker when Jamal Khashoggi was murdered.

And so it begins. After a lifetime of crime, Trump is finally facing charges in court. There is no one there to support him. No family or friends. Very few cult followers are outside. After the jury was selected a man set himself on fire in front of the courthouse on live TV and died.

Here’s what Trump’s calendar looks like this week:

Monday, April 22 — opening statements and first witness in his criminal trial plus a hearing in front of Judge Engoron to determine if his bond that he got from that National Enquirer of car loans is legitimate. Attorney General Letitia James says it’s not and she’s ready to take position of his stuff today.

Tuesday, April 23 — Judge Mershon’s scheduled hearing on whether Trump should be held in contempt for violating the gag order (10 times and counting).

Wednesday, April 24 — Walt Nauta (Trump’s butler) grand jury testimony transcript will be released.

Thursday, April 25 — the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether or not Trump has presidential immunity for everything he did and said while in office after 2 courts ruled he didn’t.

Friday, April 26 — Judge Mehta will receive the joint status report he requested brought by the Metro and Capitol Police. They’re suing Trump in civil court for enticing a mob to maim and kill them on January 6.

Pecker, you’re up!



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