It’s the first day of Gay Pride Month and Trump actually acknowledged it. He didn’t the last 2 years. Why now? Does he want to sell rainbow MAGA hats?

Trump is an openly anti-gay president. Right after he was sworn in, all mentions of LGBTQs were erased from the White House, Department of State, and Department of Labor websites. The Health and Human Services defined gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stopped using the words, “transgender” and “diversity.” The government removed the LGBTQ community from surveys and the 2020 census (same sex couples are OK….the government wants to know where the gay married people are….. if you’re single and lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer, you don’t count,) banned trans troops from the military, ended protections for trans kids in schools and trans homeless people seeking shelter, appointed federal judges who will roll back gay marriage, denied visas to unmarried gay partners of UN diplomats, appointed 2 justices who oppose gay rights, defended states and adoption agencies who discriminate against same sex couples, denied citizenship to children born outside of the US if they were adopted by a same sex couple. His VP is out and proud gay hating Mike Pence. Trump has joked about Pence’s anti-gay views by saying, “Don’t ask that guy — he wants to hang them all!”

Married couple Steve Anderson-McLean and Rob Anderson-McLean of Pittsburgh have been together for 18 years and have already raised 2 kids. They just adopted 6 siblings. Would Pence want to hang the whole family or just the dads?

Republican Florida state legislator, Mike Hill, used the Bible as proof that gay people should be executed. A homophobic religious nut constituent asked if he could make legislation and he joked that that wouldn’t go over too well.

Republicans are joking about hanging and executing gay people on the eve of Gay Pride Month.

Obama lit the White House up in rainbow colors for Gay Pride Month.

Are there 10% LGBTQs in the MAGA population as is in the general population?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on a late night comedy show to make light of impeachment and get a few laughs. Kids are dying in concentration camps at the border, a foreign hostile power has infiltrated our government, Trump has alienated us from the rest of the world, our institutions are failing and our democracy is falling apart. A dangerous criminal is killing time in the Oval Office. It’s not funny.

The Democrats are more concerned with Trump’s base than they are their own.

Judge Sullivan gave an order to make the transcript of Michael Flynn’s call to a Russian ambassador public. The DOJ says, um NO.

A voice mail from John Dowd, Trump’s attorney, to Mike Flynn’s attorney reveals that Trump’s attorney was concerned that his client might indeed be a Russian asset.

12 killed, 4 injured in Virginia Beach municipal center mass shooting. It took 4 officers and all of their ammo to stop 1 gunman. All but 1 of those killed were city employees.

Some detention centers are so over crowded it’s dangerous. There are adults who have had to stand for days. In one border patrol facility in El Paso, 750–900 migrants are being held in a space meant for 125. No consequences for the people who are doing this to other people.

London’s City Hall has given permission for the Trump baby blimp to fly over Parliament Square while he is there next week.

Bill Barr doesn’t care that he’ll be forever known as Trump’s Roy Cohn with the full force of the Department of Justice behind him. He’s like, so what? “I’m at the end of my career. Everybody dies.” Did he say lies or dies?

Still no consequences for anyone who has defied a congressional subpoena. No consequences for the president who has committed crimes before and after he was elected. It’s in our faces that there are no consequences for the rich and powerful. There never have been, but it’s really in our faces now.

There are lots of consequences for being brown, black, poor or gay.

863 days of this shit with no end in sight.

Will America ever be great again?

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