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4 min readJun 20, 2018

The Trump administration is arresting babies. Hundreds have been discovered in their own concentration camps in south Texas. They will more than likely never see their parents again.

Parents are being deported without their children.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen lied and said she didn’t know where the girls and toddlers were when a reporter asked about them. The public only sees images of detained boys. Demonstrators found her last night eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant in DC. They crashed the restaurant and chanted, “Children can’t eat in peace, neither can you!” She had to be escorted out by her body guards which she’ll probably need for the rest of her life if she doesn’t end up in jail.

The government keeps showing us pictures of boys to relay the message that Trump has captured future MS-13 gang members. When reporters pressed officials about the whereabouts of the girls, they were given a photo from 2016.

The government won’t let anybody into the camps and centers. Only government photos of the inside are given to the press.

Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, the prison system, and judicial system are not coordinated. They don’t work together. After an inmate is released they’re on their own to find their families.

In a campaign speech in front of small business owners, Trump said he only has 2 choices — let them all in or prosecute every illegal immigrant.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: The Republicans are still bitching about Hillary’s emails while Trump is holding children hostage as a bargaining chip to get his fucking wall.

If Trump doesn’t get his fucking wall he’s threatening to shut down the government in September.

People seeking asylum are actually refugees fleeing Central America countries that have been destabilized by American foreign policy. The drug cartels and kidnappers got their guns and money from us.

Trump pardoned Sherriff Joe Arpaio for doing exactly what Trump is doing right now — racial profiling, violating human rights, and rounding up immigrants and putting them in concentration camps.

Trump’s followers aren’t horrified by any of this. Not at all. This is what they voted for. Trump’s people are just as vile, cruel, self centered, and dangerous as he is.

The Republicans are in charge of all three branches of government during the worst human rights crisis since slavery and they refuse to do anything about it.

Trump took us out of the UN Human Rights Council because he says it’s a hypocritical organization that makes a mockery out of human rights. He had Nikki Haley announce this on a day when the US is making orphans out of immigrant children.

Republicans are feeling the pressure of constituents making correlations between them and the Nazis but they won’t sign on to Dianne Feinstein’s bill because a Democrat wrote it. Party before babies.

Trump refers to immigrants as vermin infesting our country just like Hitler did.

Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte said, “Shame on parents who bring their children across a desert to try to get into the United States illegally.” Immigrant parents are bad parents who put their kids through a cruel, treacherous journey to break the law to get into OUR country. They use their children as pawns to get in. They’re not good parents who went through hell to get here so that their children could be safe and have some sort of future. No, they’re illegals, and criminals, and animals. They’re vermin and they’re infesting our country.

There hasn’t been any outcry from the pro-lifers about babies being orphaned by our government because they don’t care about actual babies. Plus illegal immigrant babies are vermin.

The Third Lady posted a photo of herself and her tyrant husband schmoozing with Spanish royalty on a day when the public found out that Trump had been arresting babies and putting them in cages.

Melania and Ivanka can’t be bothered with any of this. It’s too messy. Mother is just a brand to Ivanka. When she became one she didn’t become a sister to all mothers like most mothers do. She used it as an opportunity to make more money because there is never enough money. The most famous immigrant in America, Melania Trump, refuses to use her influence and power to identify with the immigrants who are being exploited, abused, and politicized by her infamous tyrant of a husband.

This White House is not bothered by any of this. In fact, they’re high fiving each other in the Oval Office and making fun of anyone who is horrified by what’s going on in America’s name. This is what Stephen Miller wanted from the beginning. Corey Lewandowski is really proud of himself. He’s enjoying this. He went on CNN and made fun of a 10 year old girl with Down syndrome who had been taken away from her mom. He went, “Womp womp” when another guest was talking about the cruelty forced upon a disabled child by the American government.

Corey Lewandowski works for a PAC that gets donations from a company that owns private immigration detention facilities. People are making money off of incarcerated children and warehoused parents to send a message to the rest of the world: Immigrants are not welcome here.


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ACTION ITEM FOR TODAY: Donate money to any number of organizations that provide free legal services to Trump’s political prisoners. Click here for some suggestions.

Also: People are needed who speak Mayan languages such as Mam, Tz’utujil, or Kaqchikel to speak to mothers separated from their children who are detained in Denver. Contact Mary Rothwell Davis, an attorney with the Immigration Justice Campaign at 202–507–7500.



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