Victim Mentality

George W. Bush spoke at a memorial service in New York to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. He called out domestic terrorism and acknowledged the contrast from how united we were back then when the attack on our country was done by foreigners, opposed to how divided we are now when the attack has come from within. He went there. It had to be said and he said it. The Bidens, Obamas and Clintons were there. The Trumps weren’t. Trump was in town but he blew it off. Rudy, “America’s Mayor”attended his own event and made a complete fool of himself after taking the stage, shit faced drunk.

If it weren’t for the 100 million selfish jerks trapped in a domestic terrorist cult, we would all be able to go about our business, and hundreds and thousands of moms, dads, kids, siblings, and friends would still be alive because covid would be under control.

In Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp’s sister in law died of covid.

Idaho is #49 for having control over covid. Republicans are so awful there that they’re not only keeping people from spreading the virus, but they’re actually punishing people if they dare to wear masks and get vaccinated.

There are 200 people in the hospital with covid in Alaska. ALASKA.

Hospice providers are overwhelmed in red states because covid patients are being sent home to die to make room for other patients with a better chances of survival.

San Francisco schools haven’t had a single case of covid since school started on August 16 because everybody is really smart in San Francisco. 90% of students 12 to 17 are vaccinated which means their moms and dads are too. Intelligence is in the genes. And the environment. The city had a good handle on the pandemic at the onset because San Francisco is one of the most liberal spots in the country. People are highly educated and care about their neighbors and community. They masked up and stayed home before anybody else was doing it because they’re smart like that. They’d never fall victim to the MAGA cult.

Anti-vax activist Veronica Wolski died from covid while her fellow anti-vax activists were outside the hospital protesting, demanding that she be released to their care. Trump’s lawyer, Lin Wood, the high profile conspiracy theorist who is about to be disbarred for abusing the court system to push the Big Lie, issued a statement that said she was murdered by medical tyranny. He declared war.

Dan Busch, a crack pot chiropractor from Venice, Florida is giving out medical exemption letters to anybody who wants one so parents can send their kids into the covid crock pot with a note from their doctor. There was a huge turnout over the weekend of parents who stood in line for a long time to get their get out of medical tyranny free card. Gun nuts stood guard with their gigantic guns, wearing mismatched camouflage and bullet proof vests. The Sarasota school district is on to him and won’t accept any letters from him or any other chiropractors which is going to piss off chiropractors who are touchy about people saying they’re not real doctors. Dan Busch would never make it in San Francisco.

After Delta Airlines told its unvaccinated workers that they’d have to pay an extra $2400 a year for their company health insurance if they didn’t get vaccinated, nobody quit out of protest, nor did they agree to the extra $200 taken out of their paychecks every month. No, all 4,000 of their unvaccinated employees relented and just went and got the vaccine. Spoiled children need discipline.

A circuit judge in Maryland, Jonathan Newell, shot and killed himself a few hours before the FBI knocked on his door to arrest him for child porn. He had been filming naked boys in the shower at sleep away camp and had been under investigation for 6 weeks. During one encounter with the cops, he swallowed evidence (nude pictures and videos of children that he stored on a secure digital SD card.) The judge was a Republican.

The My Pillow guy lost face when only 300 people showed up to his rally in Kentucky. He was expecting 10,000.

Speaking of Kentucky, after Mitch McConnell introduced Amy Coney Barrett to speak at a center that bears his name in Louisville, she said in her remarks that she’s concerned that the public sees the court as partisan hacks. Amy hasn’t had her political hack hymen popped yet. She should have known better than to make a political hack statement like that when anybody but their dystopian base can hear it. Not right after her host, Moscow Mitch, who got her and 2 other judges installed on the Republican bench invited her to do the Federalist Society go-go dance in front of other people at a venue that bears his name. She was supposed to save that for a private dance.

MAGA protesters gathered outside of the Washington DC jail this weekend to show their solidarity with the political prisoners who were arrested after they went on a friendly tour of the Capitol on January 6. The group rode a bus from different states and stood outside carrying the same flags and signs as the political prisoners did on their tour. They referred to their martyred comrades as “victims.”

“Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.” Jean-Paul Sartre

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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