Vote the Shit Out of Them

Spike Dolomite
5 min readNov 1, 2020

MAGA terrorists have been following the Biden campaign bus for hundreds of miles in Texas, intimidating staff and volunteers to sabotage their campaign. 100 vehicles — mostly trucks, but there was one hearse with TRUMP on the side and a sign that read, “Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time,” surrounded the bus on the freeway headed for Austin then tried to run them off the road. One truck rammed the SUV driven by a staffer who was following the bus. The MAGAs were armed — some had semi automatic weapons. The Biden campaign cancelled their Austin event as a proactive measure to keep people safe. The group calls themselves the Trump Train. They organize on Facebook, and have the public support of Trump’s son, Junior. When asked to comment, the chair of the Texas Republican Party, Allen West, said it was fake news even though several motorists who were right there took video of it (Trump used one to tweet with the caption, I LOVE TEXAS!) Allen West said that the real terrorists are BLM and Antifa but the liberal media won’t cover it.

MAGAs are terrorists.

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro praised the MAGA caravan for trying to run a Biden campaign bus off the road — “It is ordinary Americans just taking this election into their own hands.”

MAGAs have taken matters into their own hands alright, per Trump’s orders. A pro Trump caravan, escorted by Fort Worth police, tried to intimidate voters by driving through a polling station in a predominantly Black neighborhood. A MAGA mob with Trump flags swarmed around Bill Barr’s house and demanded that he “lock up Joe Biden.” Barr went outside to greet the crowd, chat with them, shake hands and take selfies. MAGAs showed up to protest voting at a polling place in Virginia by intimidating voters as they tried to walk in. A MAGA named Jonathan Moreno pulled a gun on kids who were at a protest in Bellevue, Washington. Police arrested a Wichita man for threatening to kidnap and kill the city’s mayor over a mask mandate.

Cops pepper sprayed demonstrators in Alamance County, North Carolina who were there to encourage people to vote. Some of the people who got sprayed were kids.

Republicans are trying to get 100,000 votes thrown out in Houston.

Madame Tussauds museum in Berlin, Germany took their wax figure of Trump and put it in a dumpster.

Trump has screwed kids over too. Halloween was cancelled! MAGAs still gave out candy and the virus, but Democrats turned their porch lights off to keep kids safe. Another symbol for caring for one’s neighbors to go along with wearing a mask — a dark house on Halloween.

Republicans relied on abortion and Jesus to keep people divided and in their camp for decades. Then they added homophobia. Once Trump came along and Republicans started to lose people, they got desperate so they stayed quiet when Trump used Islamaphobia, immigrant bashing, racism, fake news, Democratic hoax, and misogyny to whip up their base and build a wall around their camp. They’re not only walled off, but their campers are using violence now to guard the camp.

When the Republicans used Benghazi and emails to trap Hillary, all hell broke loose after Bill Clinton boarded a plane on a tarmac then chatted alone with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The lapse in judgement and the amount of doubt it cast in public perception was scandalous and it really hurt Hillary in 2016. It looked like Bill Clinton was trying to influence the head of the DOJ while his wife was under investigation. Today, Trump does 10 things like this a day, with a cooperative attorney general, and a Republican party that says and does NOTHING.

Hitler didn’t have to blackmail Nazis into doing what he wanted them to do, including committing crimes against humanity. They were already in position, ready, willing, and eager. It’s the same with Trump and the Republicans. They’re all in. He’s the guy anti-tax czar Grover Norquist was talking about when he said all the Republicans wanted was someone they could prop up and sign stuff for them. Their silence is killing people and destroying the country. They are to blame for all of this.

Trump has tried running against Hillary, Hunter Biden, Antifa, immigrants, a Democratic hoax, the media, and voter fraud to no avail. The only really winning strategy he’s got going for him is the cult of personality. MAGA is a cult. His followers are ready and willing to die for him. A Stanford study of 18 Trump super spreader events during the pandemic revealed 30,000 cases of infection and 700 people who have died from the coronavirus because they went to a MAGA rally.

The only way to fix this is to vote the shit out of them. All of them. No matter what they throw at us, we have to vote for Democrats in numbers too big to refute. After the Democrats win, they need to fix it so none of this crap can ever happen again.

“You cannot have a sustainable democracy where one side has to win by landslides in the face of open cheating, vote suppression, structural apartheid representation and election systems, foreign interference, and outright theft of family and campaign documents, to hold power.” — David Atkins

2 days until election day. Vote the shit out of them.

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