“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” — Sinclair Lewis

Fascism is here.

Fascism has taken over one political party in America. It’s in the courts. It’s in state and local governments and on school boards. It’s in law enforcement.

Trump unwittingly brought it into the White House and the GOP has taken up where he left off.

Democracy is hanging by a thread. Literally. A large portion of the citizenry has been dumbed down by the GOP and right wing propaganda media to the point that it can literally be led straight off of a cliff and no one won’t ever question why. Legitimate media treats the GOP as a legitimate political party and shapes all the stories of the day within the context of normal politics when the real story is the GOP is not a legitimate party and it is actively destroying democracy.

Democrats are making the mistake of thinking that there are some decent repugs left in the party who can be reasoned with. This is not true. Every single one of them has sold out to Trump who is still in control. Rational thinking Democrats make the mistake of thinking that rational thinking will prevail.

Republican party: Ambition void of purpose. Republicans are against everything. They used to value rules and order and precedent but now they are not only not interested in governing, they aren’t even qualified. Complete lunatics have been elected to Congress. All Republicans care about is power and chaos. Your dad’s Republican party no longer exists.

“Stop caring” is the Republican battle cry. There is no longer incentive to be decent and just, patriotic, and to strive to do and be better in the Republican party. Appealing to the lowest common denominator in American culture is their only strategy (besides saying “no”.) They need people to vote for them so they are promising white men that they can turn the clock back 70 years when women knew their place and cooked, cleaned, raised the kids, looked hot when you got home, served you dinner, kept the kids out of sight and let you have your way with her every night, gays stayed in the closet, blacks knew their place and that was out of your face, and immigrants were more white and assimilated to your liking. Most importantly, what you said, believed, and did was the only thing that mattered.

Trump and the Republicans have egged the worst of us on to the point that they mock themselves — on gun reform, health care, immigration, Christianity, even a basic understanding of civics. They’re dumb. They’re mean. They’re selfish. They’re ridiculous. And they’re all the repugs have got left (besides rich people who don’t want to pay taxes.)

“People who feel that they have been rendered invisible will do anything to make themselves visible; people who feel humiliated will avenge their humiliation. Donald Trump didn’t win in 2016 because he had a fantastic health-care plan. He won because he made the white working class feel heard.”- David Brooks

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the 50 most educated counties in America by an average of 26 points. She lost the 50 least educated counties by an average of 31 points. That explains why the GOP has dumbed itself down. They can’t win the educated vote so they’re going after the dumb dumb vote. The ironic thing is it’s Joe Biden who really hears and cares about them. The new jobs that will be created through his infrastructure plan are meant for them — working class workers without college degrees. They’ll get good union jobs with good pay but the repugs are doing everything they can to make them believe otherwise.

Trump was the most powerful man in the world but couldn’t use a computer. He didn’t email or text. The only thing he knew how to do was tweet. The guy was supposedly a businessman but he couldn’t read a budget. He was the president of the United States and knew nothing about how government runs. He didn’t know anything about US or world history. He hadn’t even read the Constitution. Trump didn’t know how government is supposed to work and neither do any of his supporters. In order for the GOP to have control over Trump and his followers, they have to keep making them believe that they’re smarter than everybody else by virtue of their white superiority. It is their birthright.

Democrats not only have to go it alone without the Republicans because the party has collapsed, but their job is made harder by having slim majority margins with two Democrats in name only and by the Republicans continuously breaking the law, upholding white supremacy, defiling the constitution, and never suffering any consequences.

We’re destroying ourselves. Democracy is under existential threat.

Not interested in politics? You better get interested. Think both sides are the same? No they’re not and you look and sound like you’re as dumb as a MAGA to anybody who is well informed whenever you say that. Being disinterested or disheartened isn’t smart. It’s dangerous.

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