War Against Democracy

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 10, 2022


The war in Ukraine has been going on for 2 weeks and has created 2 million refugees so far. Most of them have gone to Poland. That’s more than Syria had in 3 years. So many people are dying that they have to be buried in mass graves.

Ukraine’s Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has been disconnected from the national power grid. Generators can only keep things cool for 24 hours. Ukraine has called for a ceasefire so they can make repairs before radiation starts leaking.

Over 200 employees have been held hostage in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant since the Russian invasion. They’re being forced to work around the clock with little food.

The Russians bombed 3 hospitals yesterday. One was a children and maternity hospital. A horrible video has gone viral of a very pregnant woman being carried out on a stretcher over rubble as she desperately tries to soothe her unborn baby.

Russia is trying to recruit Syrians experienced in urban combat to help them.

The World Bank says the sanctions put upon Russia have pushed Russia and Belarus into debt default territory.

Retired Lt Col Alexander Vindman says Trump, Mike Pompeo, Tucker Carlson, and Ron Johnson all have “blood on their hands” over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson blames Alexander Vindman, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff for weakening Ukraine because they impeached Trump.

Fox News foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall had the guts to be the first guy to call out his own network live on TV. He did it while reporting from Ukraine. He said that the media is NOT exaggerating what’s going on in Ukraine just to get people emotionally worked up. He’ll probably get fired which should make him a very attractive candidate for legitimate news networks looking for a foreign affairs correspondent.

Instead of calling for alternative energy solutions and energy independence as a result of high gas prices, Republicans are calling for the Keystone Pipeline to open up because that plays well on Fox News. It’s a symbol of airy fairy liberalism to make martyrs out of Indians. The Keystone Pipeline has only one function — to move oil across the country to the Gulf of Mexico where it can be sold on the world market. It’s not an American online oil store with an endless supply of cheap oil whose website is down.

Two days before Russia invaded Ukraine, Marjorie Taylor Greene bought stock in Lockheed Martin, the makers of the Javelin anti-tank missiles. She also bought oil stock.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who served in the US Army for four years and was deployed twice to combat missions overseas, refuses to condemn Trump’s praise of Putin.

The National Archives has turned over the Trump White House logs to the Select Committee. Now they’ll be able to compare what they know with what was officially recorded.

The QAnon county clerk in Colorado who stole and leaked voter data to help Trump, Tina Peters, has been indicted on ten counts.

A judge has ruled that Smartmatic can sue Fox News, Jeanine Pirro, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell for accusing them of rigging the election.

Another judge has ruled that John Eastman, the architect of the coup, cannot keep the 111 emails he sent out to Trump’s merry band of MAGA nuts private because they’re about a CRIME. The hundreds of people he sent his coup plan out to didn’t sign a NDA, nor did they sign a contract hiring him as their legal representative, so there is no attorney client privilege. He’s in so much trouble.

Stephen Miller is suing the Select Committee so they can’t get his private phone records. He says they’re part of his family’s phone plan which could violate his mom’s privacy. The guy is 36 years old and is still on his mom’s phone plan.

The Texas Bar Association has sued Sidney Powell for misusing the law to help Trump.

There are two battles going on that Russia started. One is in Ukraine the other is in America. Putin used Trump and the Republicans to destroy the US. Americans are just beginning to see how close we came to losing it all without being bombed and shot at.

Putin’s battle right now may be in Ukraine, but his war is against democracy.

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