Weaponizing Government

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMay 23


She can’t wait to get that chapstick home

While Republicans continue to hold us all hostage with their games and threats to default on our debts if Biden doesn’t agree to stick it to the old, poor, and disabled by gutting Social Security, Medicare, and SNAP, they’re fucking around at a GOP conference throwing money around at an impromptu fundraiser where Kevin McCarthy’s used chapstick was auctioned off. The winning bid was $100,000 by who else but his only groupie and Speaker behind the curtain, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Where did she get that kind of money to blow in 15 minutes? From the multi million dollars she inherited from her parents and claims that she works really really hard for. What would anybody want with a used hard stick of lubricant that has touched the lips of the third most powerful man in the country?

Now that sexy fundraising playtime is over, they’re going to turn around and lecture us about responsible spending. It’s so on-brand for Republicans.

June 1 is coming up fast — 9 days to be exact, and Kevin McCarthy won’t budge on using the debt ceiling to the Republicans’ advantage. Their plan is to let the economy crash so everybody will blame it on Biden and they’ll win in 2024. They’re idiot base is cheering them on because they don’t know what raising the debt ceiling means. They think it means increasing the country’s credit card limit so we’ll run up more debt because that’s what Republicans want them to think. It just means allowing the country to exceed the debt limit in order to pay what we already owe. St. Ronnie Reagan did it 18 times, Trump did it 3 times, Bill Clinton did it 8 times, and George W did it 7 times. The debt ceiling was raised 90 times in the 20th century. It’s not a big deal but it will be if the Republicans don’t cut it out. If they default it will destroy the country, democracy and the world. 8 million Americans will immediately lose their jobs, unemployment will raise 5 points to 8%, and the stock market would tank 45%. Chaos would be felt around the world. The 14th amendment says the public debt cannot be questioned but that’s exactly what the Republicans are doing. They’re weaponizing the government debt for political gain.

The FBI kept the Clinton Foundation investigation open throughout Trump’s presidency without finding anything. Trump weaponized the FBI to go after his enemy.

DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed financial records from the Trump Organization regarding real estate dealings he had with 7 different countries as soon as he was sworn in in 2017 — China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, France, Turkey, and Oman. He was not supposed to have any business dealings with foreign countries while he was in the White House. Trump weaponized the government for personal gain.

Trump has to appear by video today for a hearing in his Manhattan criminal case. He will be lectured by the judge on a protective order which forbids him from posting on social media or ranting on TV.

Trump is being sued again by E. Jean Carroll because he posted about her and ranted about her on TV right after she sued him for defamation and won.

The Trump Organization’s CFO, Allen Weisselberg, did his time at Rikers for committing crimes on behalf of Trump. He’s out now but could end up going back if he doesn’t cooperate with prosecutors in another criminal case. Turns out he lied to Letitia James’ office 2 years ago while under oath which is criminal perjury. They’re going to use his perjury to get him to cooperate and turn on Trump. He’s 75 and isn’t going to want to spend the rest of his life in Rikers so he should be a cooperative witness. The pressure is on. Trump will weaponize his past crimes that the DA doesn’t know about that involve Weisselberg to scare him into not turning on him. Time will tell if he succeeds.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave her final approval for a red flag law that aims to keep weapons away from those at risk of harming themselves or others. This is going to piss the gun nuts off because they believe that mentally ill people should have the right to access as many guns as they want.

A wacko used a U-Haul truck as a weapon by ramming into security barriers outside the White House late last night. Multiple law enforcements, the Secret Service, and the bomb squad were called to the scene. A robot searched the truck and pulled out a swastika flag from the cab. The driver was arrested on multiple charges, including threatening to kill or harm a president, vice president or family member.



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