We’re Gonna Be OK

Spike Dolomite
5 min readMar 2, 2022


Joe Biden is a war time president. In his State of the Union speech last night he reassured the country, “We’re going to be OK. Russia will be weaker and we will be stronger.” He went on, “While it shouldn’t have taken something so terrible for people around the world to see what’s at stake, now everyone sees it clearly. In the battle between democracies and autocracies, democracies are rising to the moment.”

After calling Putin out, he did something he’s well known for and sometimes gets him in trouble. He said what he was thinking. He said that Putin has “no idea what’s coming.”

Joe Biden is leading the most powerful, albeit badly wounded, country on earth during a war AND a plague, both once-in-a-century traumas that not only happened at the same time but they happened as he’s been trying to clean up the mess that Trump and the Repulicans have left. As typical for spoiled, lazy Americans, they’re picking him apart because he’s not this and he’s not that and he’s not enough of this or that and what about me. WHAT ABOUT ME?

Earlier in the day, the Republicans do what they always do and mud wrestled for the cameras. They wanted to frame Biden as a loser before he made his speech. Mitch McConnell didn’t praise Biden for saving democracy because he doesn’t care about that. He just held some mud up for the cameras and said, “Heck of a rap sheet.” Senator Joni Ernst slipped in some mud as she shamelessly walked to the podium to call on the Democrats to “clear the way and allow us to regain leadership around the world to support our Ukrainian friends.” She blamed the Democrats for what they, Trump and Putin have done to the world. Senator Roy Blunt rubbed mud all over himself and piled on. It was gross. Kevin McCarthy did his best to keep from slipping and falling in the mud. He tried to keep the media focused on the mud but they were more interested in what he had to say about Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking at a white nationalist conference. He said he already commented on that. Look over there! A war! Mud fight!

Speaking of Marjorie Taylor Greene, she wore bright Russian red last night. She and Lauren Boebert got snubbed by everybody in both parties last night. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near them. As President Biden and his cabinet walked in, they turned their backs on them and refused to clap. When Biden spoke about lowering costs, not wages, Marjorie mouthed that he was “a fucking idiot.” As the president spoke about the death of his son, Lauren Boebert heckled him, loudly. Somebody told her to shut up. Both of them continued to heckle him throughout his speech on camera. Sickening display of disrespect for all the world to see. Thanks, Republicans. You did this.

When grieving father Fred Guttenberg yelled out, “What about my daughter!?” while Trump was making his State of the Union speech he got kicked out. When Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene did it they got to keep doing it.

“I don’t understand a person who yells at our president when he’s talking about the loss of his son, in service to the country, in the military. I don’t know that I belong to the same human race as someone who thinks it makes sense to yell at someone when they’re talking about their dead son, and veterans who are suffering because of wounds incurred during their service.” — Congressman Sean Maloney

Mitch McConnell looked really bad, like he hadn’t slept in days. What could he be losing sleep over? The fate of democracy? His conscience telling him he’s a horrible human being? World War III? Or was he worried about his paycheck from Putin bouncing?

Joe Manchin sat with the Republicans on their side of the aisle.

Marco Rubio boycotted the State of the Union because he’s a whiny ass little bitch. Several other repugs did the same.

“Every Republican in the Capitol tonight who voted to let Trump off the hook for trying to extort Ukraine by withholding vital military aid, who defended him when he argued we should draw down troops in NATO, who tried to dismiss his service to Putin, who took Russian money laundered through the NRA, who tried to paper over the Russian effort to meddle in our elections, who did not condemn Trump when he chose to support Putin over our intelligence community, who has refused to condemn Trump for calling Putin a ‘genius,’ every single one of them has blood on their hands today. Every single one has sided with our enemies against the interests and values of the United States. Every single one of them has declared themselves through their actions to be anti-American and anti-democracy. Do not let their posturing or their Ukrainian flag pocket squares or their self-righteous & insupportable efforts to attack the Biden Administration distract from this. At few times in our history have so many senior political leaders so betrayed our country so often for so long.” — David Rothkopf

As President Biden was speaking, Russia launched a massive attack on Kharkiv. It was timed that way.

In the audience last night were pro-Russian members of Congress. Lots of them. Republicans are trying to pretend like they aren’t pro-Russian with their sunflower pins and blue and yellow scarves, but they were praising Putin as recently as a week ago.

President Biden reestablished the US as the leader of the free world in his speech last night. The talking heads and the media are picking him apart today of course, but he doesn’t care. He’s been in the game for most of his life. Unlike the former guy, he doesn’t pay any attention to the polls, the Republicans’ insults, or the 24/7 chatter on cable news and Twitter. He’s got work to do.

With Biden steering the US ship, Zelensky steering Ukraine, and the EU and NATO united, it looks like we’re gonna be OK.

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