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Spike Dolomite
3 min readMar 16, 2023

Guo Wengui (aka Miles Guo), the exiled MAGA Chinese billionaire, got busted for billion dollar fraud. This is big news because he donated a lot of money to the GOP. He writes a lot of checks to Republican candidates and super PACs. Steve Bannon calls him “the Trump of Beijing.” They’ve been buddies for a long time. Guo pays Bannon $1 million a year for “consulting.” Bannon was living on Guo’s $37 million yacht, “Lady May,” when he got arrested for defrauding MAGAs with a fake fundraiser for Trump’s fake wall. He grifted $1 billion off of the very people they duped into voting for Trump. Trump gave Guo a thumbs up after he found out he was a member of Mar-a-Lago and he pardoned Bannon for ripping his cult members off (Bannon is facing prosecution for this crime right now in New York).

Guo was charged with defrauding his investors out of more than $1 billion. Charges include wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. He was arrested at 6 a.m. at his $32 million apartment in New York. 6 hours later his apartment was on fire. Guo pals around with Rudy, too. One of the many businesses he owns is a media company that pushed out conspiracy theories about vaccines, QAnon, and the election being stolen. He sponsored CPAC and put money into the Republicans’ fake investigation into Hunter Biden.

Speaking of despicable Republicans who grift, Tennessee Congressman Andy is being asked to explain what he did with the $25,000 that he raised in a GoFundMe to create a children’s burial garden in a cemetery. He used a family tragedy to set up the scam — his stillborn son. He has been known to show photos of his dead baby for sympathy at campaign events. And then he blames Obamacare.

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the investigations into Trump. Three cases are close to going to trial (the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial starts next month, the DA in New York is about to announce whether or not they’re going to try Trump for paying Stormy Daniels off, and we’re all still waiting to hear when Trump will be indicted in Georgia). The feds are looking into his role in the attempted coup and they have recently discovered that the Russians funneled $8 million to Trump for Truth Social, his social media company, via the Caribbean. He’s under investigation for laundering Russian money. It’s also been discovered that Trump had a foreign creditor with ties to North Korea that he never disclosed before and after being elected.

Joe Tacopina, one of Trump’s new sleazy lawyers he hired for the porn pay off, lost it on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show, “The Beat.” He lost his cool when he was confronted with the facts. He didn’t like the questions so he tried to yank printed notes out of Ari’s hand.

Marjorie Taylor Greene divulged classified information at a Homeland Security border hearing when she tried to “get” border patrol chief Raul Ortiz for keeping a secret about supposed bombs and cartels at the border. He said he couldn’t talk about that because it was classified. “I understand Chief Ortiz, but I’m not gonna be confidential because I think people deserve to know.” Marjorie Taylor Greene is on the Homeland Security Committee but doesn’t believe in safeguarding classified information.

Republicans made Hillary’s life a living hell investigating and smearing her over the POSSIBILITY that she MIGHT accidentally, possibly, potentially inadvertently leak classified information.

The Republicans are holding a second amendment news conference right now. You know what that means. They need to activate their base. What now?



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