What’s the Difference?

The Republicans have branded themselves as the fiscally responsible party yet the federal deficit is up 17% from last year and is now at $779 billion. It is expected to hit $1 trillion for this fiscal year. The national debt is on track to hit $33 trillion by 2027 and the interest on this debt will be more than what we spend on defense. The Republicans did this and blame the Democrats and Republican voters believe it because they’re duped by the brand.

The Democrats have not been branded the clean up party, but they are. Every time the Republicans trash the economy, the “spendthrift” Democrats come in and fix everything while the Republicans yell at them for making the mess.

Republicans have wanted to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for decades — since the moment they were created, and seniors still vote for them because the conservative brand is so comforting, like a bowl of Cream of White and a heating pad.

Democrats created Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and have been fighting to protect them for decades. Republican senior voters yell at them about socialized medicine and then scream, “Keep your hands off my Medicare!” Democrats be like, um OK.

Republicans have spun the second amendment to mean that it’s every individual’s right to own as many guns and war machines as they want without restrictions, and that they’re going to need those guns any minute because somebody is always out to get them. They have branded the Democrats as the party that wants to take everyone’s guns away.

Democrats are the only ones taking on the NRA and calling for common sense gun legislation. If an elected representative of the Democratic Party touts “thoughts and prayers” after a school shooting, their voters take their heads off and show up at their offices with protest signs.

Republicans have scapegoated immigrants as being responsible for all of the white man’s problems. They have made immigrants out to be the enemy — they want your jobs, your women, your property, your tax dollars. It’s an old trick that works every time. Hey look over there! “Other” people! They did it! Let’s get them!

Democrats believe that everybody is entitled to protections under the constitution whether they’re citizens or not. They want everybody to be treated fairly. They aren’t threatened by their otherness because they see the otherness in themselves and it’s a good thing.

Republicans believe that abortion is murder unless they need one.

Democrats believe that abortion should be safe and legal and that it’s nobody’s business who gets one and why.

Republicans built and maintain their power structure around white males with money. If you’re not white, wealthy and male, you can’t be in the club.

Democrats are the party of the people. Every color, creed, sexual orientation, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. More and more Democrats without money are getting elected making the Democratic party even more of the party of the people. You don’t have to have money to be in the club.

Republicans are hostile to women. Female Republicans are hostile to themselves. They don’t believe women and say that their men are under attack.

Democrats have some bad ass women in their party and in a couple of weeks they’re going to have way more. They believe women so look out.

Republicans want to keep health care as a for profit industry that they can benefit from. They spin Obamacare as government over reach even though it’s a pretty conservative solution to out of control health insurance, prescription drug gouging and medical provider abuse.

Democrats believe that health care is a basic human right that shouldn’t be denied to anyone who doesn’t have the ability to pay.

Republicans don’t want everybody to vote because if they do, they can’t win. Since they can’t win if everybody votes, they cheat.

Democrats want everybody to vote. They know that if everybody votes, they win.

Republicans believe in every man for himself.

Democrats believe we’re all in this together. That’s the difference.



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Spike Dolomite

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