When Will It End?

Disgraced Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, the sadistic freak who stabbed and killed an ISIS prisoner with his hunting knife while medics were working on him then took a picture of himself next to the dead body and texted it to people, and shot a teenaged boy and posed next to the dead body for another selfie, mutilated a corpse, shot an unarmed old man in a white robe and a young girl walking with other girls, sprayed neighborhoods with rockets and machine gun fire for kicks, and threatened fellow Naval Seals that he’d kill them if they told anybody what he did, was not only acquitted on 6 of 7 charges in July and sent home for time served after Trump got involved via Twitter, but he’s being used as Trump’s toy so he can play Army from his White House bedroom on his phone. He congratulated Gallagher on his acquittal on Twitter and then 4 weeks later announced via tweet that he had directed the Secretary of the Navy to revoke Navy Achievement Medals that had been given to members of the prosecution team that oversaw Gallagher’s case, as well as ordered Gallagher’s demotion be reversed. He threw in a couple of other war criminals in as well, to show his awesome military power and make news. Restore them all to rank! This is fun! I’m playing Army! After Trump gave a military order via tweet from the comfort of his bed while watching TV, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer pushed back and was consequently fired.

Eddie Gallagher, who was already full of himself from having gotten away with war crimes and catching the attention of Twitler’s dilated eye, attacked his chain of command on Fox News. Trump encouraged everyone to tune in in an early morning tweet. Trump congratulated a violent, viscous war criminal for being exonerated (he doesn’t know what the word means but he uses it a lot.)

Things ended well for Eddie Gallagher because he caught Trump’s evil eye.

Trump doesn’t have a clue about how the military functions. He pardoned a trained killer who committed horrific war crimes even though his entire unit testified against him, then fired an honorable commander for standing up for the rule of law. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer submitted a resignation letter that said he refused to obey an order that he believes violates his “sacred oath” to defend the Constitution. A mad man is messing around with the US military. This can’t end well. He must be stopped.

“We’ve discovered a new way to defile the uniform. Today, we allow murderers to wear it while being lauded as heroes. They tell their stories on cable news specials.” — Elliot Ackerman

Lev Parnas has given the House Intelligence Committee audio and video of Devin Nunes meeting with Rudy Giuliani and Trump. Things aren’t going to end well for Devin Nunes.

Devin Nunes spent $57,000 on flights for secret trips to Austria to meet with former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Shokin.

Nunes’ aides canceled a planned trip to Ukraine when informed that they would have to tell Adam Schiff about it. That would have been the end of that, so never mind.

Minor by comparison, but now we know that Devin Nunes also misused campaign funds to buy $15,000 worth of Celtics tickets, lavish dinners, limo rides and $2,365 worth of Dom Perignon that he drank out of a disco ball at some upscale cocktail bar that his constiuents would never be seated in.

Trump is paranoid that his staff is conspiring against him so he has taken to “working” from his private quarters in the White House rather than the Oval Office which is a surprise to the public because everybody thought he spent all of his time in bed watching TV and tweeting anyway.

Trump hasn’t played golf since Oct. 26th.

Hitler’s final days were spent hunkered down in a bunker.

All’s hell that ends hell.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who blew off a subpoena to testify to Congress about what he knows about Ukraine including whether he used official cabinet meetings for personal profit for he and his buddies, went on Fox and Friends to say that Trump is the chosen one and that he had been sent by God to do great things. How do you argue with that? If you don’t watch Fox News you can argue that. You can smack that shit down in a matter of minutes. Let him go on PBS News Hour and see how long the chosen one lasts.

The chosen one has left the building and is hunkered down in his bunker. The cult of personality always ends badly.

The end?

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.