Where is the love?

Spike Dolomite
5 min readJun 14, 2021
Got hope?

The G7 in Europe is going well. Everybody looks relaxed and happy, unlike the last 4 years when Trump was pouting, shoving people out of the way, sitting alone, insulting world leaders and his own country, and getting dirty looks from those who were forced to acknowledge him. Jill Biden threw shade Melania’s way by attending the event wearing a coat with LOVE written on the back. Nobody there has seen her naked. That in itself is a huge improvement.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is hiring additional trial lawyers to scrutinize all of the new voting laws that Republicans have been passing that discriminate against Americans of color. They’ll be going after the MAGAs who are threatening poll workers and election officials too, like County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong in San Luis Opispo, California who was run out of town by out of town Trump supporters who used the pandemic to call in to online city council meetings posing as residents to accuse him of rigging the election, demanding an investigation into the voting machines. They tracked him down and sent him and his family threatening messages, accusing him of being a communist working with China to take over America. Tommy Gong is a fourth generation Chinese American who has never been to China. He has been at his post for years and is so good at it he got almost 100% of the vote in the last election. Nobody knows his party affiliation because he doesn’t bring his own political beliefs to work with him. Because of the outreach that he did in 2020, there was a 88% turn out on election day. Other elected officials, poll workers and their families are getting death threats across the country by Trump supporters, too.

In public remarks made to the press, Merrick Garland said, “We need Congress to pass S1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to provide the Department with the tools it needs.”

Merrick Garland hasn’t said anything publicly about it coming out that the DOJ worked for Trump to spy on his enemies. The anti-big government party hasn’t said anything about the abuse of power either. In fact, they’re not talking about what Trump did at all. They’re trying to act as if everything is back to Democrats are socialists normal.

The Inspector General of the DOJ is going to investigate Trump using the DOJ to spy on Democrats and journalists. Trump had the DOJ open an investigation on his own White House Counsel, Don McGahn, too.

Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein say, what subpoenas? We don’t know anything about any subpoenas. No love for country or the rule of law.

2 years ago when Bill Barr was called to testify about the Mueller Report on 5/1/19, Senator Kamala Harris asked him, “Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested you open an investigation into anyone?” Barr mumbled and hemmed and hawed and then said he didn’t know.

There was another mass shooting in the downtown entertainment district of Austin, Texas right around closing time on Saturday and 13 people got shot. One person died. No good guys with guns were there to save anybody. Governor Greg Abbott will encourage everybody to get right back out there, drinking and packing. Keep the bullets and booze flowing. Bring those guns that you don’t have to have registered, permitted, or prove that you know how to use so that the next time this happens you can be the good guy and shoot the shooter. Greg Abbott doesn’t love Texas, the people of Texas, or anybody. He is not about saving lives in Texas. Black lives, white lives, it doesn’t matter. He’s about power over others, not love. Let people kill each other in the streets now that he and the Republican legislature have passed laws that don’t restrict gun owners, making more murders inevitable like the guy who whipped out his gun to shoot and kill somebody in Houston because he was peeing in the street. Greg Abbott loves it.

The Biden administration is returning more than $2 billion that had been budgeted for the Department of Defense to build Trump’s border wall. He has called on Congress to cancel other remaining border wall funds as well.

Governor Greg Abbott is going to build Trump’s border wall for him and is making Texans pay for it and they better love it.

Congresswoman and former police chief Val Demings is challenging Marco Rubio for his senate seat. She raised $1 million in one day after announcing her run. He immediately took to Twitter to post a video of himself calling her a far left extremist, scraping the bottom of the dumb dumb Republican barrel by pulling out the far left extremist GOP catch phrase. Look out for the socialists! All they care about is free love! They’ll have sex with anybody and if they get pregnant, they’ll just have an abortion! Val trolled him good by responding to his tweet with a photo of herself in her police chief’s uniform, doing the eye roll. Far left extremists, socialists and sex fiends loved it.

An officer with the Chicago Police Department has been arrested and charged for charging the Capitol on January 6 wearing his Chicago Police monogrammed hoody. He bragged about making it inside in texts where he used the “n” word. He hasn’t been fired.

6 new insurrectionists with ties to Roger Stone have been indicted. One of them was the ring leader, Alan Hostetter, a Stop the Steal organizer and former police chief in Orange County, California. They have been charged with plotting to block the certification of the President of the United States. At one of the protests he organized back in November he called for blood and demanded that “some people at the highest levels need to be made an example of with an execution or two or three.”

Cops are killing black people and trying to take down the US government.

Where is the love?

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